Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Quirks of the Children

Today, The Boy figured out how to buzz his lips and make noises on the trumpet. It was quite cute, particularly since he walked around the house all day with my cornet. His namesake was a trumpet player in high school, as was my father, so it is in his genetic code a bit. He seems to enjoy it, and he seems to be curious about how to play songs. Who knows - he may wind up making a young prodigy!

I spoke with the psychologist about The Boy's intelligence test results. The highlights: 97th percentile in his visual nonverbal skills, like putting puzzles together and recognizing letters and words. He was absolute average - 50th percentile - in verbal skills, which is expected. He has a huge vocabulary, but doesn't say a lot of different things. It's interesting how, when he has something so far above the pale, his skills that are average look like deficiencies! It'll be interesting to see how it works itself through. They noted some developmental delays in gross motor skills (hence the physical therapy) and in sleeping. In short, nothing we didn't know.

Little Bear has started singing songs by himself, unprompted. It's very cute. In the car, if I'm listening to the baseball game, he will frequently start singing. Sometimes, we will get the hello song that the bullfrog sings in Tubby the Tuba. Sometimes, we'll get the pre meal blessing in Hebrew. Sometimes it'll be another Barney song. It depends on his mood. He's been doing this for a couple of weeks.

Little Bear has also graduated out of his high chair. At the dining room table, he will sit in the booster seat, as does his brother. At the kitchen table or at a restaurant, he will sit or kneel or crouch on an actual chair. It's been a few weeks since I've seen him in his high chair. The high chair got used a couple of days ago by a visiting baby!

Nice change that we've noticed in the mess that used to be the living room: every toy that had been dumped onto the ground had been played with! We might just be past the stage when Little Bear dumps toys out just for the sake of dumped them out. Sure, the Legos are all over the floor - but they are in little groups surrounding central structures. They are being used to build worlds!

The Boy actually took a little "airplane" I built out of Legos, stuck a rear tail fin Lego on the end, and said, "Daddy, look! I made the airplane better!" wht an advanced concept - not just using other Legos to improve on a design, but being able to make the value judgment that the airplane with the tail fin was better than the airplane without. Cute.

In bed with Little Bear, when I checked on him tonight: Winnie the Pooh, Elmo, Abby Cadaby, a white Teddy bear, a brown Teddy bear, the Tubby the Tuba book, the Zin Zin Violin book, and a popup pals toy. Entertaining.

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