Tuesday, June 21, 2011

There and Back Again

We got back about two hours ago from a quick trip out to New Jersey. Uncle B was moving into a new apartment, and I wanted to be there for moral support. I took The Boy along with me, mostly to get some pre-baby alone time with him and also to see if I could travel with one of the children.

I'm happy to report that the weekend was an absolute and unconditional success! We left on Friday and stopped at Lockhaven, PA, to visit with my niece, who is attending school there. It was a really sweet visit, where we had a nice lunch at a local family place and had a nice walk around the neighborhood. Lockhaven is almost exactly halfway between Pittsburgh and my father's house. After a couple hours' visit, we left for NJ. The Boy slept a little more than an hour during each three hour-log jaunt, which made the trip easy for him. At my father's house, we had a nice evening of playing.

The moving was a nice experience, as well. The Boy helped quite a bit, by carrying some pillows and blankets and video games and such inside the house. He played very nicely with B's nephew, who is a few years older. We went back to Grandpa's house for a nap, then went to Uncle P's house for dinner. It was quite nice; The Boy swam for about an hour, floating on some rafts and playing with a super-soaker toy quite well. My father put him to bed as I saw Green Lantern with Uncle B.

Today might have been an even nicer day. We had a nice father's day breakfast with Grandpa, and then spent lunchtime with Uncle B playing video games. The Boy slept most of the way to Harrisburg, and we had a brilliant dinner with Aunt M and the family: a great barbecue. He slept halfway home, which made the trip easier for him.

All weekend, he was cute, endearing, and engaging. He was well-behaved and fun, even when tired, and he was clearly vocal about expressing his opinions, which made him much easier to deal with. He was almost perfect on the potty, with the one exception being a Uncle P's where he didn't quite make it to the potty quickly enough. He took himself, but he took himself a little bit too late. No biggie. He was even perfect during the long car rides - we didn't stop more than once per hour and a half, which was a nice pace.

Best part? He greeted all of the principal players on the trip (Cousin J, Grandpa, Uncle B, Uncle P and his family, Aunt M) with enthusiasm and love. Nothing is better than an excited greeting from a near-four year old like that, and he was generous with the hugs this weekend.

Truly, a successful trip and one of the best weekends of the year, if not THE best weekend of the year.

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