Saturday, July 16, 2011


Andrew Evan May, born 5:47am, 8 pounds, 12 ounces, 22 and a half inches long.

Funny and entertaining how the whole thing worked out: The Wife was in the beginning stages of labor for a couple of days, starting roughly Wednesday afternoon (the official due day). Labor only started getting interesting around midnight tonight (it's Saturday), and she tried to get some sleep around 2am. Little Bear was up at 2:30 for some snuggles and hugs, and The Boy was up around 3:15 for some of the same. Around 3:44, things started getting a little more intense, and I got an hour's sleep while she contacted the doctor. At 4:45, she woke me up and told me, "We gotta go. Like, now."

Threw our stuff in the car, got dressed (not in that order), and left around 5. We were in the triage room around 5:25, which was when I checked us in via Facebook. The triage doctor checked for dilation, said, "She's fully open. She's going." The nurses threw together the labor and delivery room, I helped them move her onto the l&d bed, and the baby was already crowning. One push, he was out, born at 5:47. This kid was not messing around!

I still haven't stopped cackling over it. Sure, labor sucks, but this sucked way less than the others. My only complaint: the coffee machine in the lounge dispenses about a shot's worth of coffee flavored drink. If I'm paying a machine 50 cents for coffee, I should get more than a shot.

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Mazel Tov from the Z family in Harrisburg.