Tuesday, July 5, 2011


Two years ago, we welcomed Little Bear into our lives amidst a flurry of crap: The Boy being admitted for another staph infection AND a port replacement surgery; Little Bear being brutally yanked from our arms and put underneath the ultraviolet lights; a family conflict that rapidly spun out of control and has had significant impact to this day; and, because of St. Barnabas's open hostility and resentment towards him and us, necessitated an emergency drop-all-and-move to Pittsburgh.

Now, he's a big dude: as tall as his brother, almost, and working his way up the hill towards potty trained. He is somewhat verbal and definitely opinionated, and he is Grandpa D's best buddy. He loves swings and Super Why, and he loves shapes like The Boy loves letters. He's even started asking us to draw shapes for him on any available surface! The fact that a two year old will ask us to draw a trapezoid still boggles the mind, and he gets mad if we draw a hexagon instead of an octagon. Today, when it was time for his nap, he told Mum, "I too old!"

Oh, boy. Something tells me that when he's almost four, like his brother, he won't be snuggling up nicely for a rest with Mum or Daddy.

He went to school for the first time without diapers, and he did a nice job. No accidents, although he created some dampness in front when he didn't quite make it in time. (That doesn't really count. We all have days like that.) I'm very proud of him. Mum even made cupcakes for all of the kids, which was a nice touch. They went over quite well.

He's even doing quite well with his puzzles. He does a hand-shaped puzzle quite easily now, particularly since he figured out that the numbers on the fingers correspond to the order in which they occur. He loves the Melissa and Doug wooden puzzles, which made shopping for his birthday quite easy. One wooden puzzle, and one wooden train from the craft fair where my new chorus performed last weekend.

I'm going to miss his birthday dinner tonight, because I have a saxophone lesson to teach followed by chorus rehearsal, but that's okay. He's awake from his nap - time for duty!

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