Sunday, July 10, 2011

Early Morning Consequences

The largest unintended, unanticipated consequence of potty training Little Bear has been the earlier morning starts around the house. Before potty training, he would play in his room for a long time, sometimes making his way back to bed and back to sleep until the preferred wakeup time of 7:30am. Now that he is starting to understand the whole going-to-the-potty thing, he's starting to find some of the loopholes in the system. Now, at 6:15am for the past week, he's opened his door and said, "Need go potty!" repeatedly until someone goes to get him and take him to the potty. At that point, he's awake.

Unlike his brother, he won't snuggle with us in bed and watch a show except for rare occurrences, so this set of activities usually means all or most of the family is awake. Most of the mornings, The Wife has let me sleep an extra half hour or so, which is quite nice of her.

Mind you, he's still not quite getting the poo thing, which can be kind of annoying and gross, but it's not the worst thing in the world. He's doing a much, much better job of asking to go to the potty than The Boy did for the first six months of his own potty training.

I know that we need to get used to the whole early morning wakeup thing for when the new baby arrives, but that isn't the point. I'm just starting to wonder if there is a problem with Little Bear waking up so early and not going back to sleep, or if the problem is with us and our refusal to adjust our schedule to something a little more young-child-friendly.

Still, this whole lack of snuggling thing is starting to get old. With the older one, he will sit on your lap and let you catnap while he watches a show. Little Bear? Not so much, and it's annoying. If your catnap is less than five minutes, then he's good. Again, this is area that starts to look vaguely like something that is our problem and not his problem.

I think we are trying to keep him awake a little longer at night so that he sleeps later in the morning, but I'm not certain that that is going to work. We shall see.

As far as the new baby goes, no motion on that front. The Wife is starting to get really sick of the whole baby thing, mostly in regards to the whole talking-about-it area. She's tired of telling people that nothing is happening despite the due date being three days in the future, and she's tired of the constant observances by others that she's very, very pregnant-large. Yes, she knows. She's tired of hearing it. I certainly understand this; I just reread my post from 2009 about how tiresome it was to have to relate The Boy's whole treatment schedule to people when I spoke with them.

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