Tuesday, July 26, 2011


Little Bear started coming down with a fever late yesterday morning. It's maxed out at 102, so far. We knew he was feeling rotten when we got home from The Wife's interview and he was still in bed with Grandma. He spent most of the day in bed or near one, truly an odd event for him.

The problem with having more children than parents is that it's hard to comfort one and take care of the others. Little Bear really needed someone with whom to snuggle, yet The Baby and The Boy needed their own time as well. Don't get me wrong - the other two children were actually in fairly decent moods. The Boy had a great day at school, and The Baby was in a good mood for most of the day.

Naps were a problem during the day, as they weren't tired. This let us get the kids to bed early, although I was doing work until late. The night went smoothly, with baby wake ups at 2 and 4. The boys were not awake all night until 5:30, when Little Bear woke up for good.

I love my children; maybe not quite so much at 5:30 in the morning. Now that it's 8am, I love them again.

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