Tuesday, July 19, 2011

First Night

The Wife and The Baby got home yesterday morning, around 10 o'clock. The Boy was at camp, and Aunt J was around to help take care of Little Bear while Grandma did the whole work thing. Mum and baby went upstairs to rest, while I cleaned and Little Bear played with Aunt J. No worries.

The rest of the day went quite smoothly, as both boys were relieved and excited to see Mum and intrigued about the baby. The best hitch came late afternoon, during one of Pittsburgh's gentle thundershowers (meaning raining like animals were coming along in pairs), when there was a huge snap and the lights and power shut down. One of the high tension wires across the street snapped due to the storm, and it scared the crap out of my children.

Long story short, we didn't get power back until around 3am. The Boy was absolutely flipping out about sleeping in his own room, considering that he's a bit nervous in the dark by himself. It was also stiflingly hot upstairs without the air conditioning, which didn't help anyone's mood. So, once the boys went to bed, Mum and I did, also. I think we were both asleep between 9:30 and 10:00, at the same time as The Baby fell asleep.

We woke at 2! That's an awesome stretch of sleep for a newborn. We were up for a couple of hours, because the work trucks were outside and not subtle. The Baby was a little fussy because he was hungry, then wet, then hungry, then wet, then sleepy, but he settled down until 6:30.

So, not an awful night. I won't get used to it, I promise.

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Elana said...

Holy cuteness, Batman! :-) Glad to hear the first night back wasn't too much of a disaster. :-D

Sarah R said...

He is just as adorable as his big brothers. Congratulations to you guys!