Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Logical Progression

No news on the baby front, although The Wife thinks that there's some motion towards goal. No pain yet, no discomfort; just some moving around. I can certainly understand and appreciate her annoyance with the whole "is the baby here yet?" questions, as I'm rapidly growing tired answering the same questions. Price of life, however, and I do consider myself lucky that so many people care enough about us to ask.

Last night was a wonderful Little Bear moment for me. Around 11:15, right in the middle of watching the season premiere of Eureka, he woke up and flipped out. I mean, a five-alarm wig out, for sure. Since the wife is as gravid as she is, I went upstairs to see what I could do. He was sitting in his bed, screaming his head off.

There was no body pain, watching him move around. He's not normally afraid of the dark, so I guessed that he had a scary dream. I picked him up, and he snuggled his head right into my shoulder and began to calm himself. It was really quite nice, as he has been doing a really good job of snuggling with Daddy lately. He calmed down and wanted to get back into bed, so I tucked him in and asked, "Do you want Daddy to stay or to go?" Usually, he picks the second option of any choice that you give him. He thought about it for about a minute and a half, then he whispered in his cute, tiny voice, "Daddy stay."

Unlike almost every other time, he fell asleep after a few minutes. Quite cute, quite engaging, and moving beyond belief.

This morning, he was playing with Mum but kept asking, "Where's Daddy?" He would then come and find me, give me a hug, and resume playing. I guess his bad dream had something to do with me last night.

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