Thursday, July 7, 2011


The Boy, as I've outlined before, absolutely loves letters and loves words and reading. His usable vocabulary of reading words is really quite large for a not-quite-four year old; I'm fairly certain that it's in the 150-200 range. He can usually pick out words out of context and tell me what they are. Thinking about it, he might be closer to 100 than 200, but not by much. He's quite a bit ahead of his grade level, so to speak.

One thing that he likes to do is take the iPhone, swipe over to the search screen (the screen to the left of the home screen), and type words into the keyboard that pops up. It's fun for him, and he will type sentences into the machine to see what happens. He usually separates words with periods, so he might type "," or something similar.

On several occasions, I've been text messaging my father while watching a baseball game or, in last night's fun, the barbershop contest. The Boy got ahold of my phone while I was distracted and started to type his sentences into the machine and pressing the bright blue button that cleared the line for him. Of course, that sends my father a text message. The first couple of times that he got texts saying "TheBoy," or "play," or "ball," he was understandably confused. Now, he rolls with it and will actually play along and send back text messages with words that The Boy knows. It's cute.

Last night, I got The Boy to text, "love.grandpa," which won him some points. Dad texted back, "love The Boy," which was appreciated.

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