Sunday, July 24, 2011

Start of Phase Two

So, now we are into the next phase of the rest of our life. The bris is over, our third child is now our responsibility for 18 years or so, and we now resume our steady march towards employment. It all begins tomorrow morning, when I drive The Wife to a job interview at a nearby district, where she will interview for a position that she never applied. We aren't complaining, mind you; just pleasantly surprised. What makes it somewhat more interesting is that I have to drive her, because she's still on doctor's orders and not able to drive. We'll see what happens.

The whole weekend was really, really nice. The bris went off quite smoothly, with no fights and arguments breaking out between anybody save for some disagreements over toys. This moyel - different from the one we used in New Jersey - didn't use a clamp during the procedure, so it was a little rougher to watch. Considering some of the medical things that I had to view and to do to my oldest son, it wasn't that big of a deal, but nobody wants to see their infant's blood. Once the snippy-snippy was done, it was a nice party, with special thanks to my friend Guru for fixing a cabinet door that came loose.

Once the party was done, we all crashed pretty hard and napped until late. I took The Boy out to a local Barnes and Noble, where we hung out with my father for a couple of hours. The Boy was quite cute and endearing, particularly when we went over to Panera Bread for a snack. He's just a nice kid, and he was showing off his words and his playing for his Grandpa. Of particularly entertainment earlier in the day was, "Wow! I have two grandpas sitting right here! That's SOOOO many Grandpas!" Tonight, The Boy was even helpful cleaning up the bath toys and the toys in his room, singing the Barney cleanup song while he worked. His pitch is getting much better. His range is limited because he's little, but he's doing a nice job keeping intervals and pitches in his range. His voice tends to match the lower harmony parts; The Wife thinks that it's because of his hearing issues, that his ears are naturally going where they are stronger.

Little Bear has been a bit of a concern over the last couple of days. He's been throwing a higher number of more intense fits, which is not unexpected considering the major upheaval in our lives with the introduction of The Baby. He threw a massive Mega-Fit at the outdoor concert this morning, meaning that our stay was approximately ten minutes. He hasn't been sleeping well, either; most of the week, he's been in bed at normal times (around 8, 8:30) and up before 6am, with a normal nap during the day. He felt a little warm to me this morning before we left, but it might have been y imagination. We'll see. Still, he's been doing a pretty amazing job with puzzles - he isn't matching up the pictures on adjacent pieces very well, but when given the next piece, he finds a way to make it fit. He's also insanely good at shape identification games and at fruit matching games on the iPad - it has the whole fruit and cut pieces, and you match them together.

The Baby has been... well, a newborn. Newborns aren't difficult for which to care, but they're not easy, either. They just require work and attention. I haven't been much help thus far, as Grandma and Mum have had the baby most of the last couple of days. I've done some pretty decent calming of the baby, and I've done some nice snuggles at night with him. He's come through the bris easily, and he's starting to fill out white nicely. He should be a pleasantly chubby baby pretty soon - he has a second chin, sometimes, and his legs are getting some meat on them. He will be a little bruiser, just like his brothers.

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