Thursday, August 4, 2011

Baby Kisses

The little baby is rapidly getting not-so-litte. It seems like he's a little bit bigger after each nap that he takes, and he is certainly eating enough for two babies. It helps that he's very strong: he's doing a great job of lifting his head up and moving it around, which feels a bit faster than either of the two other children. Like Little Bear, he's been turning himself from his back to his side really quickly. He very strongly prefers his mother to anyone else, as he usually starts screaming within thirty seconds of anyone else picking him up.

What's really cute: when he's on my shoulder, he starts rooting around and bouncing his mouth off of my cheek. It looks like he's giving me kisses! Very cute. Then, he usually tries to latch onto my nose and eat. I keep telling him that that's not the meal he wants, but he doesn't listen yet.

The Boy has suddenly gotten bigger. About two weeks ago, he suddenly gained, like, a bunch of weight - he just feels more solid than he did before then! He's eating really well lately, and he's been doing a lot more running around and climbing. It's beautiful to see, even though he's rapidly hitting the point where nobody in the house besides me can pick him up!

He and I are going to the Pirates game tonight. Tickets were on Groupon last week, and Grandpa is meeting us at the park. Should be lots of fun!

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