Saturday, August 27, 2011

Better Than Me

The Boy loves singing the theme song from the Wonder Pets television show:

YouTube Video

This is pretty cool for a number of reasons, most involving the fact that he's willingly singing. He has been doing a lot of very nice singing lately; although his diction (age appropriate) is somewhat unclear, he's getting the overall shape of the melody. That's important; getting a kid to know when notes go up or down is an important first step.

Little Bear enjoys trying to sing along, but he doesn't quite understand how to make different pitches yet. He's kind of a monotone, as are many two year old singers! He recognizes melodies and asks for particular tunes, and he really is trying to sing. He'll get it soon enough. He, more than The Boy, loves to listen to my quartet rehearsals. It's pretty darn cool.

Both boys sat in on several moments of rehearsal today, And they asked to hear their current favorite live song: "Let Me Call You Sweetheart." I love the fact that my kids hear barbershop standards every day around the house. May they know all of the old songs before they know that the old songs are old songs.

The Baby loves listening to singing, and you can sometimes interrupt a fit by singing at him. Not often, mind you but occasionally. With luck, that will continue.

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