Friday, August 26, 2011


Probably the best thing about having multiple children is watching them develop and change as time passes. You can be reasonably certain that they're going to turn out as adults who use the potty by themselves, sleep outside of our bed, put themselves to bed at night in a timely manner, and so forth.

The Boy had been in our bed at night, for at least part of the night, for his entire life. In rereading my blog, we've tried to get him in his bed at quite a few times, with varying degrees of success. For the past two weeks or so, he has been sleeping the entire night in his room AND has been getting himself dressed in the morning!

It's such a change. He even takes himself to the potty once or twice in the night, only calling if he needs help. It's a weird thing to see, because I did not think that he would make that change as abruptly as he did.

The baby sleeps with us far more often than he does in the bassinet. I'm really okay with that, because I miss the snuggles. He does prefer Mum still, but I have many more nice moments with him than I did with Little Bear at an equivalent age.

Little Bear is still Little Bear, although he started a low cry during his nap today. I snuck in and climbed into bed with him, as he had switched from the toddler bed to the trundle bed. He had had a bad dream, and he was upset. He snuggled right into me and fell back asleep, and we napped like that for an hour or so. It was awesome - particularly since he hadn't slept with his daddy in well over a year. I don't often see him sleep, and I see him wake up even more infrequently. What a sweet little boy!

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