Monday, August 8, 2011

Differences in Children

Same genetic code, different daily outcomes, same long-term outcomes.

In the process of researching for my cancer journey book, I've been fascinated by the different processes that we have undertaken with The Boy and Little Bear, to get them from point A to point B. For instance, I've been reading about the journey to potty training with The Boy throughout 2010 and comparing it with Little Bear's journey over the past two months.

The Boy was a little bit older when we started to effort the potty training thing. His treatment made it more difficult to do potty training, as a miss at the wrong time could have serious health issues for the rest of the family. Chemo pee could be deadly, you know? Plus, the surgeries and the radiation did really weird things to his insides which made holding his poo quite difficult. Little Bear, thankfully, has no such issues, so we've been able to start potty training, in earnest, quite a bit earlier.

One of the other major differences is that, throughout his toddlerhood, The Boy would occasionally make a little bit of pee and poo in the potty, even stretching back to pre-treatment days (though that was more luck than anything else). Little Bear has been indifferent to the potty, and he is almost 100% pee trained. That is, he will even frequently ask to use the potty! He will not, however, poo in the potty under any circumstances. He'll get there, for sure, but it's been a much different day to day journey.

Bedtime has been similarly chronicled here, and the difference is interesting to us. Little Bear might have had a rough adjustment to his toddler bed, but after that week, he's resumed his normal ease of going to bed. The Boy is still a daily struggle, although many more nights are smooth and easy. It's still too early to say what The Baby will do, although he seems to be a sleeps-on-people stinker like The Boy.

Little Bear has taken more of an interest in The

Baby than The Boy did in him, but I think he's just following his brother's example as opposed to actually generating the interest internally. We shall see, I suppose. Little Bear is also doing more singing than The Boy did and paying more attention to music, and he asks for more specific and varied songs. His favorite song, right now, is "Let Me Call You Sweetheart!”

Gonna take the younger two for a walk. Back later.

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