Monday, August 8, 2011

Difficulty With Smart Children

The Boy was playing a letter game on the iPad, which involves bouncing acorns with letters in them into slots, which turn into a picture that begins with that letter. He was on letter I, and it was 9:20 and bedtime. Bedtime wasn't urgent, because he had a long, late nap.

"Would you like to go to bed after letter J or letter L?" He stopped and thought about it for a minute. "How about after letter Z?" Grandma, sitting behind him on the bed, literally rolled over with silent laughter. That was darn fast processing speed, and it was a darn impressive logic leap. "Okay, The Boy, how about to letter O?" "How about... to letter Z?"

We settled on a compromise of going to letter Z and having only one story before bed, as opposed to starting bedtime when I suggested and having three stories. That's fair. He's doing an educational activity, kind of, so I'm okay with that. If it was Playstation games or something similar, then we would have a different negotiation.

Last night was a rough night for all of us - The Boy suddenly threw a major fit at his bedtime for absolutely no reason. This made bedtime from a pleasant half hour to an excruciating hour and a half. On the positive side, he took himself to the bathroom, took off his own night diaper, did his business, washed his hands (or at least moved the soap and towel around the counter), put his pants (but not diaper) back on, and remained dry until he woke up at almost 7:30 this morning. The Wife and I did not wake for any of that.

The boys have started an interesting morning routine: The Boy finds Little Bear standing behind his door gate, and he opens Little Bear's gate by yanking on it from behind. The two of them play trains and talk with each other. It's really quite cute. Then, they want to watch Superfriends with breakfast.

Had a job interview at a large local bank to work in the loan processing department. Should be interesting. I'll hear back at the end of the week.

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