Monday, August 15, 2011

First Solo Outing

(Above: The Boy "talking" on a wood chip cell phone to Grandma, then Harriet and Abagail.)

Right now, I'm standing in a small local playground watching The Boy and Little Bear go nuts. The Baby is in the front carrier, sleeping cutely. I do love those little infant snuffles. This is my first solo outing with all three boys! I've been in the house with them, but not out by myself.

It's not hard, but it does take some amount of vigilance. The Boy likes to wander off randomly, mostly when he decides he's done with whatever activity we are currently pursuing. That's annoying, because he does it silently. Little Bear wanders, also, bit usually in search of something specific that he's yelling about.

Like now, where he made a beeline for the back of the park, yelling, "The swing! The swing!" Plus, his pants are falling down in the back, showing his little white bum to the world. While he has more of a butt than his brothers, it is still not much of a butt.

The Wife gets home from teaching in a half hour or so. We'll have lunch, and I will hopefully get a rest. It's been a tough few nights for The Boy and me, which I'll discuss later.

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