Monday, August 22, 2011

Interesting Day

Last night, I hit the proverbial wall around 7:30pm. I have been struggling with some breathing issues over the past few weeks, and that, combined with a lack of sleep (shocker!), knocked me out just a bit after 9:45. The Wife let me sleep through a couple of nighttime wake ups, and we all finally awoke at 6:30. Since The Boy had an ultrasound scheduled for 2:00, he had to be NPO by 8:00. That means, no food except clear liquids for six hours before the test.

So, we went to IHOP for breakfast. After breakfast, the boys started to push Mum's very last nerve, so we went outside to play for an hour. Mum left to teach a lesson at that point, and Little Bear played with Grandma while I occupied the other two children. All went upstairs for naps around the time that The Boy and I left for Children's Hospital of Pittsburgh.

We arrived around 12:45 for a 1:30 appointment, picked up some drugs at the pharmacy, went back to the car to get The Boy's pee sample (which he had graciously donated around 11:45), then up to audiology to collect batteries for his hearing aids. Insurance actually pays for a dozen hearing aid batteries for him, which is really cool. Thank you, public assistance!

We got up to oncology around 1:10, checked in, and asked for someone from child life. Grandma buys lots of arts and craft supplies for the playroom in 9B, which is the young children's oncology ward. Child life picked up the supplies and thanked The Boy, and we were called in to get weighed. This was now around 1:25. Keep in mind that we hadn't eaten since before 8am, although I cheated with a Diet Pepsi and a granola bar. We were weighed and measured, and The Boy was really irritated that he didn't get a lollypop like he usually does.

We went to the lab to get the blood draw common to these visits. The Wife was told, this morning, that nephrology would have orders in the computer so that the lab tests for nephrology and for oncology at the same time. They couldn't find those orders in the computer. We went to our examination room, and the nurse came in to say hello. It was nice to see her, as we hadn't seen her since The Boy was on treatment. She was pregnant then, and she didn't even know that The Baby was due! Anyway, she couldn't find the orders, either, so they had to contact nephrology, find out what was needed, then have Dr. G draw up a new set of orders. The new resident came in the room to take medical history and give a brief examination. After, the nurse came back in to let us know that the orders would be done for the day, and Dr. G came on for our visit and exam.

The visit was nice, and the examination came up clean. We gave the nurse the pee sample, and after the doctors left, we went down to the lab and got the blood drawn. The Boy was so cooperative through this whole process, and he didn't make a peep during the blood stick! I would have cried like a baby, but he was calm and relaxed. We finished in the lab at 2:45, and headed down to ultrasound, 45 minutes after our appointment.

We checked in to radiology, and we were told that we would get the next available opening. At around 3:30pm, the technician came and got us. The Boy was really cooperative and not nearly as grumpy as he should have been. He hadn't eaten for almost 8 hours, and we were both not too pleased. Still, he was pleasant and happy and did everything that he was asked to do. As a matter of fact, he was so calm and placid that he fell asleep on the ultrasound bed! It was very cute. After the ultrasound, I carried him down to the cafeteria, and we had his victory cheese sandwich.

Usually, we do the ultrasound before the doctor visit, but scheduling worked out opposite today. While we could possibly expedite the results, we will wait until the end of the week. If they really need to find us for an emergency, I'm sure we will hear something.

Still, it was a great visit and a wonderful bonding moment with The Boy. He also peed standing up, into a urinal! That was pretty cool to see. Every once in a while, a plan works the way we want it to work!

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