Thursday, August 18, 2011

On the Road Again

Tonight, I'm at my father's house in New Jersey. I drove The Wife's aunt from Pittsburgh to western Connecticut, and I'm crashing here tonight. It's been a nice trip, and I had a great dinner with my dad and Uncle B.

I just told my father that I'm pretty sure that this is the first baseball game I've watched without kid interruptions in a really long time - like, world series in 2009, when The Boy was in the hospital and slept through the game. Of course, I'm being more than a little sarcastic, but it is really weird not to have the kids around.

It doesn't help that baseball games happen right in the middle of bedtime, which means that there's a break between the 5th through 8th innings (more or less) when I'm reading stories and doing baths and such. I'd really rather play with the boys and do that wonderful, intimate bedtime stuff; the game can always be watched later if anything really exciting happens.

But, it's nice to be able to yell at the television and not worry about waking anybody up. Plus, if I call a ballplayer an a$$h013, I don't have to worry about a Little Bear overhearing and repeating it.

Tomorrow, I'm driving to north of Pittsburgh for a chorus coaching session, so I won't actually see wakeful non-infants (I hope) until Saturday morning. Sigh. I miss my children already.

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