Friday, September 16, 2011


So, at breakfast this morning, The Boy says, "Daddy, I want to play hide and speak with you!" That's what he calls hide and seek. He told me to go hide and he would find me. I went into the living room while he counted to ten. I hid and waited.

He took the iPad from the seat next to him, hit the Netflix app, and returned to eating his breakfast. Yes, folks, I got played quite soundly by my four year old son.

Kind of fitting, because he was pretty well cheesed off at me. He's still angry about me leaving for work, and he's even angrier because he didn't see me on Monday and Tuesday because of the Ballgame and my chorus rehearsal. When they came to pick me up after work, he sat in his seat with his eyes closed and said, "I'm hiding. You're not happy to see me, you're sad." Basically, he's mad because he hasn't seen me much this week.

It'll get even better when I leave for the weekend for my chorus weekend. Sigh.

I know this is a normal problem. Kids have had parents leave to spend all day at work for a long, long time. That's something that he's going to have to deal with.

Little Bear seems to be handling it better. He's sad when I leave for work, but not intolerably so. I know that this, too, will pass. Next blog from Toledo,

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Johanna S said...

That was awesome! Thanks for the laugh! You have a briliant child on your hands!

Sounds like he is missing you tons. Poor baby. If you figure out something that helps him cope, do let us know! We're on the same boat over here. In fact, I am anticipating that this morning may be hard because she will wake up and daddy will be gone by then.