Monday, September 5, 2011

What a Week!

This week, I started my new job working for a local bank. It was a pretty amazing week, with a lot of information flowing through my brain. I've met a lot of great people, and I'm thrilled with my trainers and the rest of my training class. May this be the beginning of a long, profitable arrangement for all of us!

Along with the difficulty of my working full-time for the first time in a few months, The Wife had all three children by herself for the entire day all week. It was a mixed bag, with some awful days, some good days, and some regular days. On Wednesday and Thursday nights, I had the kids while The Wife taught lessons; The Baby went with Mom on Wednesday, but I had all three on Thursday. The kids absolutely ate me alive on Thursday, to the point that I actually called my wife and asked her to come home and skip a lesson. Not my best Daddy moment.

My father arrived in town on Friday night, and he brought my brother for a quick visit. Brother P was picking up a large gift he had purchased and was in town until the next morning! It was the first time I had seen him in months, which was cool. I met the two of them for a nice sit down chat that night, and we all got together for breakfast the next morning. The only interesting thing that happened on the rest of Saturday was The Boy coming down with croup. This was extraordinary only in that he had his birthday party scheduled for 36 hours later.

That night was a pretty rough night. He was unhappy about being in his night diaper and really unhappy about being in his room and by himself. Once I had finished my stuff for the night, I took him into the spare bedroom and we spent the night. It was awful. Summing up, I got peed on twice, kicked repeatedly and thoroughly, and received very little sleep. The next morning, we skipped a birthday party that he was supposed to attend, and I took my father and Little Bear to my chorus's picnic instead of the entire family.

It was really, really nice to spend some time with Little Bear by his self, instead of with the other boys. He was very sociable and very well behaved, charming the socks off of the ladies in my chorus. He even sat with C on the hay ride, after meeting her for about ten seconds beforehand. That's rare for him and awesome to see! He faded around seven, and we went home early. That night was easier than the previous one, although we did still spend the night together in the spare room. I got more sleep and less urine, but I could do without the kicking by The Boy.

Today was a marvelous day, with a nice breakfast with my father, a morning spent preparing, and a brilliant birthday party for The Boy. He had a bunch of his school friends with him, and we did some crafts around the house and ate some fruit, cookies, crackers, and such. Everyone had fun and was really well behaved, parents included! More on this later.

Long week this week - long month, to be honest. Full calendar, with lots of performances and work days and such. Should be interesting to see! Wish me luck.

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