Sunday, October 23, 2011

Birthday Parties

Today, we had dueling birthday parties for the first time. It was really kind of cool: I went with The Boy to the birthday party of one of his friends at noon, and The Wife went to a birthday party with Little Bear for one of his school friends. I'm pleased to say that both parties went extremely well, and it was pretty neat to see that both sets of parents had the right ideas about throwing a party. The Boy's party was held at the temple, based in their classroom. That's where the cake and arts and crafts were held. Out in the hallway, a small basketball net was set up, and some balls and cones and balloons were set up. There were some games and some different activities for the group, and there was lots of laughing. The snacks were tasteful: some veggies, cheese, goldfish crackers, chips, and Doritos. The Doritos were the killer; I could pass up cake, but not those chips. We've been pretty lucky about the whole preschool friends thing, really. We haven't shown up to any parties to find the most outrageous thing ever; just nice, simple, fun outings with the focus more on kids playing games and having fun rather than ostentatious displays of wealth. Granted, those types of people tend not to want to associate with people like us, but still. I hope that I'm intelligent and considerate enough to never want to try the keep-up-with-them game. I'm pleased to report that The Boy behaved beautifully at the party. He was gentle and generous with the other kids, and he shared quite well. He played with most of the kids there. They had a piñata at the party, which is not a favorite of mine. While I'm not a big believer in dignity, watching a group of children scrabbling on the ground for candy bits is not a favorite of mine. When the piñata burst, he was well behaved, taking only what he was planning on eating and not just shoveling stuff into his goodie bag. The rest of the day went pretty smoothly. We played outside and did some piggy back sorts of things, and both boys were in bed early tonight. We spent the rest of the night folding laundry and catching up on Doctor Who. Tomorrow, we've got a nice school day and a late work night for me. Should be lots of fun.

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