Monday, October 17, 2011

More Cool Stuff

The Baby is now able to find his thumb at will, which is really nice. As a matter of fact, he has soothed himself to sleep on several occasions, and his napping time is starting to even out. The whole "settling" process is going along quite well, and even his sleep is starting to even out and become somewhat more predictable. We even set up the crib over the weekend, and he's sleeping in it on occasion.

The birdies in the mobile are the same ones from The Boy's crib. We love the birdies. Both boys are adjusting to the baby quite well, and they both are paying attention to him and playing with him. Even Little Bear is playing with the baby!

Little Bear actually took himself to the potty to make poo today! He's had a couple of potty-poops in the last few days, which is great progress towards goal. We are still in training pants at school, but... well, he's making steady progress.

The Boy is doing some nice things, also. This morning, Little Bear hitting him while at breakfast. He played a smacking game with Little Bear, then brought him into the den and said, "No, Little Bear, we hit pillows, now people!" It was excellently handled, and I was really impressed with him this morning.

We are reading "Duck and Goose Find a Pumpkin," and he plays the part of Duck while I play Goose. We read the lines with excessively silly voices, and it's loads of fun. The Boy asks for it about six times in a night!

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