Monday, October 10, 2011

Some Cool Stuff

The Baby has decided that he really, really likes his left thumb. He's able to find it more-or-less at will, which is nice. He soothed himself to sleep a couple of times today. That's what we like, and one reason why we haven't been into the pacifier thing - can't loose your thumb white as easily as a pacifier. Sure, I know that there might be tooth issues later, but it might save our sanity now.

The Boy did a nice job riding his three wheeler down to the school playground and back. I helped him get over some of the rougher spots on the sidewalk and cross the street, but he did most of the work. I'm very proud of him. He's also doing a nice job with his letters at school, as you would expect. He still has that thing about needing to go first, but he's line leader this week, which makes him extremely happy. Ad, it motivates him to get moving - "Daddy's first, The Boy." "No! The Boy's first! Daddy has to wait!"

He's also discovering Daddy and Mum's first names and how to spell and write them. Kind of cool.

Little Bear knows the names of so many songs! He's asked for some old barbershop songs by name that we didn't know he knew. It's really cool to hear that, and it keeps us on our toes. That child has ears like a bat - he hears everything that happens, and he is a near-perfect parrot. Makes me watch my language more than I otherwise would. He went on a bike ride on the back of Mom's bicycle this afternoon, which was a lot of fun!

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