Sunday, October 2, 2011

Some Observations

Little Bear, over the last several days, has decided to backtrack his potty training. He's been having between three and five pee accidents every day, which is really odd. He probably would go two to four days between pee accidents before, mostly because he enjoyed going to the potty and getting a chance to flush the toilet and play with the water while he washed his hands. We're pretty sure that it's an attention thing, because it was the same way when The Boy was younger.
Granted, The Boy's potty issues were more frustrating, for two reasons. First, he was older than Little Bear when we did the potty thing with him, which means that he was a little more aware than his younger brother. Second, because of the radiation on his stomach, he had liquid poo several times per day. At least Little Bear only poops once or twice a day, and it's normal poo, at that. The potty problems seem more frustrating at the moment because we don't really remember The Boy's issues so clearly. Our children might have some issues with authority. In that, they take after their parents. Lord help them. In other ways, they've been relatively normal this week. The Wife is finding herself in the role as "husband gone for ten hours to work" wife. She's really, really good at handling the three children by herself. Personally, I've only had to handle the three kids for a period of a couple of hours, and I'm usually in a cold sweat by the end of it. I don't know how she does it like she does. I know it'll get easier, in some ways, when they're a little older and The Baby is a little more settled. It's just really, really hard right now. The Boy had a "Back to School" cough this week, which kept him home from school for a day. They've both had the typical-for-this-time-of-year runny noses, Little Bear moreso than The Boy. I've made one minor change over the past couple of nights, when putting The Boy to bed: no more iPad. We had settled into the routine with one or two stories, then we'd watch "In the Night Kitchen" or "Where the Wild Things Are" movies from Scholastic Video. It's really cute and well done, particularly considering they both had Maurice Sendak himself narrating. We've slowly evolved that routine into watching stuff without reading books, and that makes me uncomfortable. So, no more iPad. The iPad itself has become, at times, more trouble than it's worth. It is guaranteed to start fights between the older boys; no matter how many iDevices are floating around the house, they will fight over whichever iPad is around. We could be having Family Laptop Time, with each boy on an iPad, and they'll get in a fight over each other's machine. It's kind of frustrating. The only entertaining thing about it is that The Boy has been in love with an Elmo Alphabet game, which is far, far below his skill level. Weird. I'm looking forward to a nice, boring week and a nice, boring weekend next weekend, Yom Kippur excepted. It looks like I have no meetings, singing jobs, extra rehearsals, or obligations this week. Just work, home, work, home, work, and home. I kind of like that.

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