Friday, October 28, 2011

Technology Fail

I love the new iOS that Apple has released, but I'm not loving some of the comparability issues that have risen up and interfered with some aspects of my life, such as my blogging. Neither my Blogpress app nor google's blogger interface are playing nicely with the new Safari right now, and that's meant that I have lost about two hours worth of writing to the ether. Kind of frustrating, really. Not that I have that much to say, certainly not of any real importance, but it's been a nice couple of weeks.

Aside from the colds, that is. Both older children have been sick for most of the week. They haven't been stay at home sick, but they've been a little out of sorts and drippy. I've had it for most of the week, and few things are better for a cold than a job that requires you to talk all day. It's a lot better than trying to expand your voice to fill an entire classroom, but it's still not very easy. I'm proud to say that my vocal studies have gotten me through the week unscathed, more or less.

The Baby has gotten through the week without a hitch. He's finding his left thumb on a regular basis. Few things are cuter than a little baby with his thumb. Only thing I've found is mirror image little boys with thumbs: The Baby with his left, The Boy with his right. The Baby has been really smiley and happy all week, fortunately. Pictures will follow, as soon as the blogging app is repaired.

No real progress on The Boy's anger issues. He's been really challenging with which to deal on momentum-changing (leaving the house, stopping to come home, etc.), but fairly agreeable in between major fits. He hasn't been starting fights with his brother, which is a relief, although Little Bear has started the unfortunate habit of pulling his brother's hair, in response to needing The Boy's attention. This has the effect of making The Boy run away crying, until he gets mad enough that he knocks Little Bear to the floor and jumps on him, swinging away.

I'm not I'm favor of violence, but if Little Bear is going to pull his bigger brother's hair just to make him mad, then he deserves to get his butt kicked a little bit.

Ironically enough, despite the constant squabbling between the two of them, and despite the frequent fits and resistance, both boys are model citizens at school: attentive, great at participating, nice to their friends, great at sharing. I guess that it's good that they're sharing their good halves at school and the rest at home, but, still.

Here's to hoping that the technology fixes itself.

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