Monday, October 3, 2011

Two Forward, One Back

So, we got a letter today, from Little Bear's preschool, wanting some kind of action on his escalating number of potty accidents during the school day. Today, for instance, he had three accidents. This is frustrating for all, because he's not giving any indications that he has to go, and he's just standing there and playing with soiled pants, without a care in the world.

Sound familiar? I remember how frustrated we were about The Boy at a similar stage of potty training, albeit a chronological year later in his life. The toughest pill to swallow wasn't the inability of The Boy to control his potty impulses. It was the fact that he just didn't seem to care. While he is on the other side of that, he will still hold his pee until the front of his jockey shorts are damp before he'll run to the bathroom.

Little Bear hasn't reached that period yet. Granted, it's early. He's still very young, and only one other kid in his school class actually uses the potty on a regular basis. It seems like he has no impulse to be a pioneer in this particular skill! The frustrating thing for his teachers is, like his brother, his seeming indifference.

I guess we aren't surprised. We expected and have been seeking the reversion that inevitably happens when a major life change happens to a child - and a new baby brother, new work hours for Daddy, and new school schedule certainly fit that bill. The potty is the least of the issues. It's joust the smelliest.

I, for one, will be happier when our sons' first recourse is to NOT hit. It is frustrating to get smacked by a two year old who doesn't want to put a toy away or stay at the dinner table one minute longer than he feels he should. I've been successful, recently, at turning it into a game that gets the kids doing what we want: dodging, saying "You missed!" and laughing about it has seemed to be successful and funny for all involved. The hitting and anger turns into reasonable and jolly compliance, albeit temporarily.

I know this is just a stage that we are traveling. I know it'll be better. Hard to see the light at the end of the tunnel, though.

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