Saturday, November 26, 2011

Entertainment Value

Today, The Boy was running around the house. No particular reason motivated it; he had a balloon on a string, and he wanted to run around and pull it behind him. It's one of those really cute moments of little boyhood that I try to encourage and to enjoy through them, and I'm kind of proud that my sons seem to find those moments on a daily basis. For instance, The Boy was really excited, a couple of weeks ago, to get. A gift of several pairs of orange socks from Mum. One of his classmates said, "Socks? Who cares?" Well, The Boy cares, for one... and I'm happy that a simple little present like that can brighten his day. It is the thought and love that counts, not the price tag on the gift.

But, I digress.

I was watching the Michigan-Ohio State game at the time, and I kiddingly asked, "When you're running past, would you please get me a soda from the little fridge?" To my surprise, he came back in a few minutes with a Diet Mountain Dew for me.and, when I opened it, it wasn't shaken nearly as much as I expected.

I'm reminded of spring 2009, when we had gotten home, finally, after a particularly brutal stay in the hospital. This evening was a quick bright spot of joy in a difficult month. I was in our bedroom, cleaning and straightening and such, when The Boy came in the room carrying a diet Pepsi. He had opened the refrigerator by himself, taken the soda out, and carried it into the bedroom for me. I made quite a fuss over him for being so nice, which he appreciated. I then made the mistake of immediately opening the can of soda.

Do you know why they call them "toddlers?" It's because, when they walk, they rock violently back and forth from leg to leg. They haven't quite mastered the smooth shift of weight yet. As such, their bodies tend to move in a quick and jerky fashion while they walk. This subjects a soda can to a similar motion as those paint-mixing machines down at Home Depot. The soda responded with predictable result, exploding and creating more cleanup time.

The Boy was delighted at this, and proceeded to spend about an hour bringing every soda can in the house into the bedroom, then back into the fridge, then back into the bedroom. This is why we tend not to spend real money on toys; a $2.99 case of soda can provide as much, or more, entertainment value as a $50 toy.

And, running around the house with a mostly-deflated balloon is really quite fun.

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