Friday, November 18, 2011

Miracles and Thanksgiving

It's the everyday kind of miracles that I noticed these days, the ones that make you shake your head without quite realizing what it is you're noticing. It's the little things, that you never really quite see your children doing until they actually do them: sitting quietly together, watching a cute music video, or putting on a smock at school to paint a "Native American" headband for a Thanksgiving luncheon. There's probably a thousand of those every day that happen; more, if you're blessed enough to have multiple children.

The Boy really makes me wonder, sometimes, about the strength of a miracle and the strength of a family. When I think back to the things that he went through, and what we had to do to get to where we are... I will freely admit to wondering, sometimes, if we've sacrificed too much. This time of year it comes up, particularly as we approach our second anniversary of moving to Pittsburgh. I mean, look at what we sacrificed: our house; our careers (not much of a chance of breaking into the teaching and the music business out here); our friends; my family; our private teaching; the life momentum which we had built. Was it worth it?

Yup. A thousand times over. If I had to do it again, I would do the exact same thing, a hundred time over. The Boy.... there is just something about him. Every parent loves their children; those that have had to fight for their child's lives know something a little bit different.

Thanksgiving is going to be kind of light this year at Casa de Music. My siblings-in-law are going to their significant others' homes; my dad is traveling to California to be with my brother; and my work schedule won't allow me to travel to my other brother's home. So, it's likely that Thanksgiving itself will be just us and the Grandparents. I'm okay with that; it'll be the second consecutive thanksgiving that we are not in the hospital, which is more than a minor miracle.

The big miracles (health, victory over cancer) are beyond my comprehension and untangling. I just thank G-d every day they happen. The little miracles, though, those I watch, and appreciate, and walk away smiling and shaking my head in wonder.

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