Monday, November 28, 2011


This morning was one of those interesting miscommunications that can only happen in a household with multiple children. The Wife was taking care of The Baby around 5:30AM, and she returned to bed around 6:00, carefully putting the baby back to sleep. A little after six, there was some stirring from the other children – what I noticed was The Boy had padded down thehall, opened our door, and was peeking in the doorway to see if he could come in. The Wife said, “Put him back to bed, please.” Considering that The Boy had retreated from our doorway and was wandering around the upstairs, I naturally thought she meant him. I corralled him, lead him back to his room, and climbed into bed with him so that he would stay in bed for a little while longer.

What I didn’t know was that The Wife actually meant for me to comfort Little Bear, who was stirring and unhappy. He’s had a cough for a few days, so he hasn’t been feeling really well when he’s woken up. I guess it’s overdue for me to get his humidifier running… Anyway, The Wife was awakened three times by Little Bear, until she finally came into The Boy’s room with a nice “Did you get enough sleep yet?” for me. Whoops. Didn’t even hear Little Bear moving around. Not a big deal, for sure, although it didn’t help that, fifteen minutes later, the coffee machine overfilled the filter drawer and poured coffee on her music book for Hebrew School. 0-2 for Musical Daddy on the morning.

So, I thought I’d tell you about one or two cute things happening around the house… The Baby is starting to assert his own wishes and needs more than he used to do. When I pick him up and hold him in a cuddle/cradle carry, the first thing he does is snuggle up to my chest and stick his thumb in his mouth. If he’s tired, he’ll stay there. If he wants to play or wants to be held vertically, he will take his thumb out of his mouth and stretch his neck out, looking around at anything else that he can see. We also put him in his high chair for the first time on Thanksgiving Day, and we did it again last night. He seems to enjoy being in the chair and being able to see what’s happening around him, although he doesn’t have much more of an attention span for dinner than his brothers do. We’ve put a sippy cup with water or milk on the table of the high chair, but he’s not really good at reaching for things yet. He was chewing on a rattle this morning, which is cute and funny.

The Boy discovered addition within the past week. He’s been doing simple addition problems, up to ten, counting on his fingers. It’s very cute, and it’s heartening to see how quickly he’s picking it up! The cute bit? Little Bear has been asking him addition problems. “The Boy, what’s 1 plus 1?” “Little Bear, it’s 2!” “What’s 4 plus 3?” “7!” We spent a trip to school this morning doing math problems. Little Bear kind of gets that 1 plus 1 is 2 and 1 plus 2 is three, but I’m not certain if he understands WHY yet. That’s fine. He’ll get it.

(Above: guess who picked my wardrobe for the day? Hint: he's under 4 feet tall and is very bossy.)

The Boy has also been putting together quite complex things using the Trio blocks he got for his birthday. He really loves them, and he will frequently chose building with them instead of watching television or playing with the iPad. This is a wonderful thing, except that his OCD toddler brother (as all toddlers have OCD) likes to collect ALL of the pieces of a particular color, stick them together, then leave them somewhere around the house.

Little Bear, in the meantime, has starting singing the echo harmony parts to “Everybody’s Song” from Sesame Street (the Diana Krall version). It’s really, really cute. It’s only a matter of time before we have that boy singing baritone! He also likes “playing” his violin, and he’s getting a pretty decent tone on the trumpet – almost two years earlier than his brother! Musical and intelligent… it’s somewhat disheartening to realize that the smartest person in the house is probably the two-year old, although Grandpa likely gives him a run for his money.

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