Sunday, November 13, 2011

Side Effects

Good stuff, first: when The Baby first saw me after being away for 24 hours, he got a really big smile and waved his arms in the air. That was intensely cute, and he smiled at me nonstop for about five minutes, which is an eternity in baby time. He's really quite a mellow child. When I pick him up in that special way, he wraps his right arm around my middle, sticks his thumb in his mouth, and snuggles into my shoulder. It tends not to last unless he's tired; he bucks out and wants to be upright. It's still nice to know that he likes snuggles.

The Boy and I had a good Saturday. A nice nap, followed by a birthday party at Build-A-Bear, pizza for dinner and then watching 101 Dalmations together, which he really enjoyed. He's a neat kid, and he gets steadily more interesting as time goes by. Today at the JCC open gym, he was doing this neat dive and somersault thing.

Little Bear is... well... two, with everything that entails. A two year old is a creature of joy and mischief and laughter and games, with all four happening in small increments of time. Perfect example: he went into the kitchen to open the refrigerator and take some food. Grandpa rerouted him into the living room, where The Boy was quietly playing with some Trio blocks. He goes over to The Boy and starts whacking him over the head, causing The Boy to run away with a handful of toys, yelling at Little Bear to leave him alone. Little Bear eventually got what he wanted - attention - when I picked him up and carried him over to my chair, where we did a puzzle, read a book, and played a coloring game on the iPad.

So, part of the fun off having asthmatic tendencies is that when I get really sick, an asthma episode typically follows. This manifests itself in a hacking, painful cough that moves nothing around in my chest, and the cough tends to last for around a month. I've learned the pattern of symptoms when these things start to occur, and I've learned how to put myself on and off oral steroids. I always make sure my pulmonologist is on board with this, but I won't wait until I go in for an appointment.

What I hadn't considered is that this was the first bad asthma incident that I'd really had since before The Boy was born. I mean, I had one in 2009, but it was not severe and exacerbated mostly by stress and a bad allergy autumn. So, my body was severely out of practice when it came to taking the same oral steroids that I'd used, on and off, since about age 5. I took a nice big dose Thursday night after the doctor's office, and I promptly wigged out.

It was bad. Shakes, dizziness, mood swings (already difficult to tell with me), severe concentration issues, fatigue, not able to sleep... combined with the fact that it takes a couple of days for the steroids to do their thing. I wound up staying home in bed when The Wife left for Michigan, and I stayed home in bed for a couple of days instead of going out to the wedding. Wish I had gone, really do; needed the time away with my wife.

Not a total loss for the weekend, however. I was able to take some of the load off of Grandma, who picked up whatever viral thing the kids and I had. Not a lot of the load; Grandpa went above and beyond the call of duty all weekend. But, between Grandma and me, we made almost one complete person while The Wife was away. She came back early to let us both hit the sack.

Here's some cute pictures of the boys.

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