Friday, December 23, 2011

Day 1: Travel Day

This morning, we all wound up sleeping until around 8am. This is an extremely rare occurrence, not the least because this was the the first non-work day for me in quite some time. Anyway, we all got moving late, had a decent breakfast, and started the final preparations for leaving for Disney. Or flight was at 3:30, so we were planning on leaving around noon. I took Little Bear with me for some errands - running to the bank to deposit some checks, the post office to send some packages, and to the Apple Store to ask about an iTunes card issue. He was very good, especially when we stopped at Dunkin Donuts for some necessary coffee. When we got home, the boys ate lunch and I packed the car. We fit all seven of us (the five in the family and two grandparents) into the minivan for the airport, so some very careful Tetris-style luggage packing was necessary. We arrived at the airport at around 1, and we had an easy time checking in. We took very little luggage with us - didn't make much sense to pack a lot of stuff, considering that the villa has a washer and dryer in it. We met our guide - Make A Wish has people meet you at the airport to guide you back and forth to the various places, which is a nice touch. The fact that they know their way around the airport and get to know the various airline personnel helps to grease the wheels a little bit. We waited until about 2:30 at a little kids' play area then made our way to the gate.

We were about the fourth people on the plane - its amazing how much the Make A Wish button gets for you! People are a lot less irritated with you as a general rule. We co-opted the front of the plane. I sat on one side with Grandpa and The Boy. Grandma and Mum had Little Bear and The Baby. The plane ride itself was fairly uneventful, and the children behaved approximately as expected. The Boy slept for some, looked out the window for some, colored in a book and played a little bit of iPhone. Little Bear threw a couple of minor tantrums, mostly stay-in-your-seat related. The Baby was, well, a baby. In short, perfectly appropriate and mostly non-annoying behavior from my children.

We picked up a Grand Caravan from the car rental place, which was much easier to load than our car. No worries. Two toddler seats, four adults, and a baby with luggage. Daddy is good at packing. The only drama was caused because Little Bear didn't have a nap, so he was fully cooked by about 6. He slept in the car on the way to the resort. The resort itself was about forty minutes from the airport. It's beautiful, with lots of seasonal lights. (Best part of the trip? Two Mexican dudes in a t-top convertible, top down, both holding a Christmas tree on the roof that also had two pieces of twine "holding" it to the car. Hilarious!) The Boy got a Mickey doll when we checked in, and the first thing we did was order dinner and pizza brought to us, and Grandpa, The Boy, and I went to check out the ice cream parlor.

The villa itself is beautiful. It's got two bedrooms, which basically means that grandparents get one, and we sleep four to a bed in the king size bed. No worries about that. Little Bear gets his own rollout bed. Jacuzzi tub in one bathroom. Nice kitchenette, nice little driveway in which to park.

We stayed up too late, but we are all excited. Can't wait to meet Mickey tomorrow! - Posted using BlogPress from my iPad

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