Saturday, December 24, 2011

Day 2: Magic Kingdom

This is take two, because the Blogpress program - formerly my favorite blogging application - has swallowed yet another blog entry. Last night's went great - first time since they updated. Tonight? Crash city.

Anyway, we slept in this morning and went right to breakfast in the ginger bread house. It's a really nice little dining hall, set in college style, with several lines that have their own choices for eating. They even have a couple of stations set aside from those lines that have food more appropriate for the younger set, which we appreciate. Volunteers carry the trays to the table for you, which is a nice touch. Thinking about it, it would be required for some families.

After breakfast, we wandered around for a little while while Mom went to the orientation. We found the Castle of Miracles, which has a little gold star on the ceiling for every kid that's stayed in the resort - it's a little inspiring and terrifying to see the thousands upon thousands of the stars.

We were used into the room with the promise of, "Woody's inside!", only to discover that the staff member meant Woody Woodpecker and not the cowboy. Oh, well. The Boy was moderately disappointed, but still interested to find the toy tables and small playroom.

From there, we went to the other buildings nearby and found lots of things that the kids could ride. They have a carousel, and they are really generous and friendly about letting kids ride five, six, seven times in a row (I'm looking at you, Little Bear).

Yes, that's The Boy on his favorite animal, a pig. Go figure that the little Jewish kid loves the pig - guess it helps him keep kosher, not likely to eat what you play with. W also found several things that the kids could sit on and have a gentle toddler ride:

This was all fun and games until qthe inevitable poo accident happened, when we had to give the offending 2-year old a bath. Mom got back at the same time, and we cleaned up, sunscreened up, and went to the Magic Kingdom. Grandpa dropped us off so that he could use the car, and we rode the monorail to the Magic Kingdom. The foundation hooked us up with a complimentary stroller when we got inside, which was pretty cool. Easier to keep track of the kids when they're riding, as opposed to wandering about, you know?

We walk inside, marvel at thet castle, and almost immediately get run over by a parade. The kids were overjoyed - what a welcome!

We went immediately to Fantasyland, which is geared toward the younger set. We did the Philharmagic Ride first,which was The Boy's first 3D glasses experience. He did really well, Little Bear not so much. The Boy was even talking about that show at dinner, which was neat - it ended with Donald catapulting from the screen and "through the wall" in the back of the auditorium, which was funny as heck. It was a neat show that had the little blast of water during me f the 3d parts, which is a neat effect. From there, we did the grand carousel and the flying elephants ride, which are both big hits. My children are down with anything that involves flying elephants.

We had lunch at the Pinnochio Village Haus, which was little kid food. That's fine. After lunch was the longest wait, to see It's a Small World, which was around a half hour. Everything else was much shorter. The neat thing about the Make A Wish badge is that it gets us into the handicapped entrances, which cut the wait time down to next to nothing. Not quite nothing on most,but much, much quicker entry. I could not imagine what it would be like to have small children and have to wait an hour or more for all of the rides! At this point, the kids were pretty well cooked, so we made our way back towards the entrance. We saw the Dapper Dans at that point and watched the show.

They were pretty well amazing. The boys were happy to see the show for a few minutes, then attention wandered. Okay. I got a picture with them and had a nice time kidding with them about having directed the REAL Dapper Dans, which preceded that group by about fifteen years.

Back to the resort, trying to keep the children awake for the trip. No luck with Little Bear, who was more exhausted than I've ever seen. Three hour nap followed, waking up around 6 for dinner and ice cream. I took The Boy back to Magic Kingdom for the rest of the night, staying until the fireworks were almost over before he whispered that he wanted to go back home to the villa. He was so good! He wanted to see Buzz Lightyear, so we did Tomorrowland. We did the Buzz ride, which I got more than he did;

the Stitch ride, which kind of sucked; the people mover, which was fun; the Speedway, which was awesome because he got to drive (it was on tracks, thankfully),

and the tea cups on the way out.

On the monorail back, he charmed some people into giving us their seats so he could rest. Silly boy. Little Bear and The Baby had a fun time at a Pirates and Princesses party and swimming at the pool:

Tomorrow: Universal? We'll see.

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