Sunday, January 1, 2012

Day 7: The Voyage Home

The adults woke up at around 6:00 in the morning, and the children blissfully slept later. This allowed us to load the car, finish the last-minute bag packing, and prepare a light breakfast for them before waking them up. The car was loaded successfully, and we went on the the airport. I dropped the family off at the departures window and went to drop the rental car off.

As with everything else on the trip, this nt smoothly and completely without incident. I dropped the car off, got the receipt, and met up with the family right around the time that they finished curbside checkin. We made our way through security (dumb note: can't bring a 20 ounce Mountain Dew onto an airplane from outside security), went to the gate, and waited. We grabbed some extra breakfast for the family. Our Make A Wish button got us onto the airplane first, and we took the front rows of the flight for the extra legroom.

The flight went smoothly. We took right off, landed and coasted to our gate quickly, and our luggage came promptly off of the plane. Grandpa got the car from long term parking, I loaded all of the luggage inside, and we got home around 1:30. A family nap followed after a light lunch. The next morning I returned to work. No problems!

In the time since, I've gone through the more than 600 pictures that we took, narrowing it down to only around 450 shots that are fairly decent. There's about 50 really, really nice pictures in there! That doesn't count, by the way, the photos taken by Disney (around 75, but 50 of them are stock shots of the park and characters) and those taken by Give Kids The World (probably another 75 or so, including a bunch of professional shots of the resort buildings). We bought Give Kids The World photo books and used Walgreens to print 25 pictures for each book. Little Bear tells us each day that he went up and down in an airplane and that he saw the castle. The Boy seems to remember quite a bit more, and he is looking forward to bringing his picture book into school. Some other notes we discovered: Little Bear snores when he sleeps. I'm pleasantly surprised at my kids' priorities when it comes to toys. Inevitably, they chose a toy that they wanted to actually use, instead of the biggest, shiniest toy. We bought them toys at every stop; in every case, they picked a smaller toy that they used quite a bit instead of the big, flashy toy. In some cases, I actually bought a bigger toy or multiples of the smaller toy for them, just on general principle.

The stroller is great to have for security reasons if no other. Having the children right in front of you is much better than dragging them along by the hand or, worse, carrying them. The resort is unbelievably amazing. If we had done nothing other than spend the day at the sort, we would have been happy and busy. I only wish we had more time there, so we could have spent more time exploring and playing! You don't get to do much at Disney with little kids. By the time you get to the park, get inside, walk to the first attraction, wait in line, go to the next... We wound up doing only three to four attractions on each stop, with a meal in the middle. This is not necessarily a bad thing, but we were happy that we were so close to the parks. Taking a midday rest as a necessity.

I could not imagine going to Disney with little kids and no magic Make A Wish pass. The shortest lines were around a half hour, and I couldn't imagine having one or more small children and having to entertain them for that long. I think our next trip will be sometime around when the smallest child is, like, ten and able to wait in lines without having to be entertained. Sleeping five in a room was not nearly the problem we expected. The trick as getting Little Bear some alone time so he could fall asleep; once he was asleep, he slept pretty soundly. The rest of us just went in and slept. Seeing the thousands and thousands of stars on the ceiling of the Castle of Miraclea was a sobering, difficult thought. Some of the kids, like The Boy, were on a Victory Trip. Some of the them were on a Final Trip. That could easily have been us. What if The Boy's surgery last January (2009) discovered another growth? We might have gone to Disney much, much earlier and under different circumstances. We were really lucky with the weather. Gorgeous, 70's, and only a little rain. Can't complain about that at all!

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