Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Good morning!

Little Bear came downstairs this morning looking for me, once he was done with the potty. It’s very cute, incidentally, to see him dash from his room to the bathroom after each sleep period. He came running into the kitchen, saw me, and skidded to a halt. At two and a half, sudden stops never quite go as planned, and it took him a second to regain his bearings.
“Daddy, I have to show you a question!”

“Yes, Little Bear?”

“Ah-WOOOOOOOOO!” he said, howling like a wolf.

“I see. Thank you!”

“Daddy, I have to show you another question!”

“Yes, Little Bear?”

“Ah-WOOOOOOOOO!” he said again, grinning fiercely. That grin is a million-dollar smile, incidentally, and might be the best smile of any of the branches of my family.

“I see. Thank you!”

“Daddy, want breakfast! Want Rice Crispix!” That’s what he calls Crispix, which he has somewhat confused with Rice Krispies. He knows the difference between the cereals and can request either one, but he likes Crispix better. The Wife came down with The Baby, and she put him in his chair so she could do her morning thing.

The Boy came down a few minutes later and picked at a plate of food. In a couple of minutes, he got up and followed me around the downstairs while I gathered my things for work. Little Bear, meanwhile, powered through his bowl of cereal, climbed over to his brother’s chair, and finished his breakfast. The Boy saw Little Bear in his chair and flipped out; he wasn’t upset about the food (he wasn’t hungry), just about the fact that his little brother was sitting in his chair. I moved Little Bear and the plate of food, and all was right with the world.

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