Friday, January 27, 2012

A Laughing Matter

The Boy’s joke: “Knock-knock.” “Who’s there?” “Boo!” “Boo who?” “Awww…. Why are you crying?” Roll on the ground in laughter. Another favorite joke: “What flower blooms between your nose and your chin?” “I give up. What flower blooms between your nose and your chin?” “Tulips! Get it, two lips?” Another favorite: “Knock-knock.” “Who’s there?” “Apple.” “Apple who?” “Knock-knock.” (repeat three or four times) “Orange.” “Orange who?” “Orange you glad I didn’t say apple?”

Little Bear is trying like heck to tell the jokes, but he doesn’t quite get it yet. Toddlers are very, very literal creatures, and the vagaries of humor are past their understanding. Bless his heart, he’s trying. Here’s his attempt, which is hilarious on an entirely different level: “Knock-knock.” “Who’s there?” “Apple.” “Apple who?” “Awww… why are you crying?” That is funny on an awful lot of levels, most of them unintentional. Probably, it is funniest because of the sincerity that he feels when he tells the joke!

The development of humor is absolutely fascinating to watch. The Boy is at a point where slapstick humor – people falling down, getting bonked on the head, etc. – is the absolute height of funny. Looney Tunes (the original Bugs Bunny stuff) is completely brilliant to him and will generally provoke a reaction up to, and including, literally rolling on the floor. I am absolutely dying to introduce him to the Three Stooges. That’s definitely a Daddy thing (pretty much, no American woman – with few exceptions – likes the Stooges), but he’s not quite there yet. He is thrown a bit by the black and white, and it does take a little while of story before they start whacking each other with hammers.

Thinking about it, I might want to wait a little while before introducing the Stooges. He does know where I keep my hammers.

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