Thursday, January 26, 2012

Riding Drrrty

The boys did do some bike riding yesterday. Well, Little Bear rode on the tricycle. The Boy wasn’t in the mood for riding. The Boy would set up a pile of small boxes, and Little Bear would run into them on the tricycle. Both would fall over laughing. Rinse, lather, and repeat, and that was a solid half hour or so of fun time that The Wife had yesterday. It’s really nice that my in-laws have such a big garage, that the kids can play with their bikes!

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I had a nice daddy playtime yesterday. The Boy had pulled the cushions off of the couch, and we played on the cushions. It was a relatively simple game: he’d say, “Get me, Daddy!”, and I’d pick him up or drag him from wherever he was and throw him on the largest stack of pillows. Little Bear was really not feeling well, so he stayed out of the game for quite a while. He eventually joined us, wearing a t-shirt, no socks, and boots. Ah, the casual nudity of the toddler…

After that, the three of us played “Hide and Speak,” as The Boy calls it. He counted to 10, I hid, and he found me. I counted to 10, I’d start to look for him, and he’d jump out: “Here I am, Daddy!” When I tried to explain that that wasn’t how the game worked, he fell over laughing. Again, rinse, lather, and repeat. The end of the game came when I hid underneath a blanket, which started a game centered around building a fort.

It really is nice to see the boys playing together as much as they do. I’m still kind of tickled about the day in December when The Boy was home sick, and Little Bear’s teachers called us. He was wandering around the playground, looking for his brother, and was very, very sad that The Boy wasn’t there! It’s sad, for sure, but a little heartwarming that my boys love each other like they do. May it continue with The Baby, and may it continue through adulthood.

Little Bear starts swimming lessons next week. That’s his reward for a week’s worth of no poo accidents. I have a feeling that my children are going to be like fish next summer, something that I’m perfectly fine with. It certainly makes Sandcastle more fun!

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