Monday, January 16, 2012

Solid Food and Review: Beauty and the Beast 3D

It's The Baby's half birthday, which is a pretty big deal. Hard to believe that he's 6 months old already, although I admit that it's getting harder and harder to remember life before him. I think that's true with all of the children; your mind and emotions adjust to the new paradigm such that the old one is kind of relegated to a historical view of things: you remember it happening, but it's almost like it happened to somebody else.

Last night, we gave him broccoli for the first time - his first solid food. He handled it like a pro: picked it right up, put it right in him mouth, and commenced chewing. I other words, basically how he's handled everything else up to this point in his life. We know that he swallowed some, because there were little broccoli chunks in his poop this morning. Still, it was a promising beginning to the baby-lead weaning to which my wife subscribes and has used (with great success) with the other boys.

Before then, I took The Boy to see Beauty and the Beast in 3D at the local movie theater. That was a mixed success; he had a good time, but I'm not sure how much he actually enjoyed the movie itself. I forgot how much of the movie happens internally to the characters, how much is conveyed in a glance, a bitten lip, a smile. I had the feeling, most of the way through the movie, that The Boy was echoing the character Chip, who kept asking, "What's happening? What do you mean?" to the adult characters. The 3D glasses were a mixed success; he wore them through most of the first half of the movie, then just preferred to watch the blurry picture until the end. He did tell me about the end of the movie when he woke up this morning, so I know that a little bit took.

That movie, itself, is probably one of my top three favorite movies of any sort. The soundtrack is beyond sublime, providing an expressive element matched by few Broadway scores. The voice acting is superb, and the writing is fluid and seamless. The 3D was pretty good and entirely devoid of gimmicky cheap thrills, mostly consisting of layers that provided depth and contrast to the characters. I found the 3D to be comfortable and not at all distracting, which is rare for the post-effect 3D that I've seen.

The previous evening, we had a very nice dinner out with a school family of The Boy's. Their daughter (in his class) had a kidney transplant and a younger age, so we feel some amount of kinship to them. Brothers of the urinary tract, I guess. We stayed until the kids started to act whacky, close to bedtime. It is nice to have some friends that have few expectations for you; just a gathering for a nice, simple meal. I give my wife a lot of credit for making the social engagements that we've made; I've been so focused on my job and my chorus, lately, that I don't think I've had a spare moment to think about my friends.

Little Bear has been progressing nicely towards potty training, at a steeply accelerating learning curve. He's decided that he's interested in putting poo in the potty, so he's set his mind to it. We've now had three or four accident-free days. I think he's finally turn the corner, although a regression is not only possible but expected. We all miss occasionally, right? He's been working on his reading, trying to reconstruct stories like "Should I Share My Ice Cream?" from memory while looking at the pictures. It's very cute.

This weekend should be interesting. Grandma and Grandpa are going to be away, and I leave for a Sweet Adeline's event immediately after work on Friday and don't return until Sunday afternoon. That leaves The Wife home alone with 3 boys. I almost feel guilty about looking forward to Saturday night, when I can sleep in my own bed, with no little people, and lots of room, and no one to wake me.

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