Friday, January 20, 2012

Travel Day

The Baby had his 6-month well checkup today at the doctor’s office. He came in at 28 inches and 20 pounds. That’s pretty big. I don’t remember exactly what the other boys were at six months – and I’m too lazy to check – but I don’t think they were this big. He had potatoes at breakfast this morning, eating some off of my wife’s plate. He sits up pretty well right now, as long as you don’t leave him there for too long. Falling over – at least on a bed or couch – is really, really funny to him right now.

I had a good Daddy night last night. I got home from work at the normal time, around 5:15, and we hibernated for the evening because of a little bit of snow. We had several rousing games of “Gonna Get You!”, the highlight of which was me chasing The Boy with Little Bear on my back. Remarkably entertaining. We did a good job getting the kids to bed, as we converted any resistance to laughing and playing. Even The Boy went to sleep without a struggle, taking two stories and drowsing during “The Night Kitchen.”

It’s very cute when I get up, and he says, ”No, Daddy, don’t go! Turn the light out so I can sleep.”

I’m leaving immediately after work to go to a Sweet Adelines event in northern Ohio. It’ll be a late night tonight and a long day tomorrow, but it’ll be worth it – good fellowship, good fun, great music. Even more to look forward to: a night’s worth of sleep with no babies crying, no potty trips (except my own), no 4-year old feet in my kidneys…

Aunt J is coming over the house for the weekend, which is nice (Grandma and Grandpa are in Maryland visiting The Wife’s siblings), although The Wife did admit today that she was anticipating the challenge and fun of having the kids to herself for the weekend. I’m sure she could have handled it, although Aunt J is a welcome addition to the weekend’s plans.

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