Wednesday, February 22, 2012


Last night, I was told that Little Bear sneezed and said, “Owww! My ear hurts!” He had a rough time getting to sleep last night, and he woke up in a little bit of pain. Ear infection? That’s what I’m thinking. Chances are that a doctor’s visit is in his immediate future. We’ll see.

All things considered, we’ve been pretty darn lucky when it’s come to our kids’ health. They’ve really not been sick very much, aside from that whole cancer thing. They get the usual colds and runny noses that little people always seem to have, but it is rare and unusual for them to be laid up for longer than an evening of snuggle and movies with Grandma. Sign of the rest of our week, maybe: after naptime yesterday, they chose to sit around and watch “Little Bear” on television rather than ride bicycle and tricycle. That’s not usual for them. They like their tv, sure, but they REALLY like their bike and trike and scooter time.

The Wife was disappointed. She put the training wheels on the little bike for The Boy.

The Boy ninja’d his way into bed with us again last night. As in, we both woke up to find him snuggled next to us. This is a relatively common thing with him; he’s quite canny about sneaking into our room at night. This made this morning a little more challenging; Little Bear woke up with some ear pain, and The Baby woke up screaming, and The Boy woke up quickly afterwards. He was the least grumpy of the three.

Apparently, last night was a bit easier on Grandma and the babysitter while The Wife and I were at our rehearsals. The trick is to be consistent about bouncing Little Bear back to bed when he gets up and opens the door. If he thinks that you’ll let him out to play, then he’ll find a way to get it done. Otherwise, he’ll putter around his room a little bit, then eventually climb back into bed, complain a bit, and go to sleep. The Boy is still trickier, but he seems to be adapting to a routine that ends with him listening to some music as he falls asleep. Still needs his Daddy time, which I do appreciate more than I know.

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