Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Swimming and Fire Alarms

This was supposed to go up last week.

Little Bear had his first swimming lesson on Tuesday morning. After the lesson, the teacher offered to allow us to split his lesson into two days of 15 minutes each, rather than one day of 30 minutes. That’s very generous of her, and something she didn’t have to do. I probably would have accepted one day of 20 minutes and just eaten the last ten minutes, but I’ll take whatever is offered. The Boy loves his swimming lessons, and Little Bear will, as well. He had a really good time. He just faded in attention span after 15 minutes or so.

But, he is very, very young. At his age, he doesn’t have the strength or coordination to do actual swimming stuff. At this point, the lessons are more about teaching him water comfort, maybe a little bit of dog paddle. He’s a smart kid, so he’ll figure it out quickly, but his age is a factor here. I’d be pretty well satisfied if both kids were comfortable enough in the water to want to play at the Wet Willie’s slides at Sandcastle next summer.

The Boy had an eventful evening last night. As per usual, we went to the comic book store, and then we went to Starbucks for chocolate milk on our way to get pizza for dinner. (Daddy believes in good nutrition, except when he doesn’t.) We were in Starbucks, the boys got their chocolate milk, I paid for it, and took my coffee over to the table to put in some milk. The Boy wandered off to the door outside, and he saw the fire alarm.

“No, The Boy, DON’T!” I yelled, but it was too late. He pulled the fire alarm down, and the alarm started going off immediately. I profusely apologized to the staff and hustled the children out of the store and next door to the pizza place. They’re in the same building, so a loud bell was ringing over there, too. That’s about when The Boy started to figure out that something was really, really wrong, despite me yelling at him since the incident. The fire truck came up to the store, checked it out, and closed the store down.

To make matters worse, none of the store employees had the key to get into the fire alarm box and turn it off, including the store manager. We ate our pizza and listened to the buzzer. We finished quickly, and Little Bear wanted to go potty (surprise, surprise). The worker from Starbucks came in at that point, asking the pizza shop owner if he had a key for the fire alarms. I apologized again.

On the way to the potty, The Boy said something along the lines, “I didn’t know this would happen, Daddy. I’m sorry.” I think he might actually have understood that messing with the fire alarm had a pretty big impact on the people around him. That’s progress towards goal. I think, regardless of your religious affiliation, we all try to raise our children to think of the needs of the people around him. This is a step in the right direction, albeit one that he shouldn’t have needed to take.

On a not-really-related note, he has spent the last two nights entirely in his bed. Is this the start of a trend? In some ways, I hope so; in others, I hope not.

The Baby has started to show a definite tendency towards preferring certain people at certain times. He notices, for sure, that there’s a difference between Mum, Daddy, Grandma, and his brothers. He still prefers Mum, but there are a few times when he wants Daddy. It’s very, very cute. He’s a handsome little man.

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