Friday, February 24, 2012

Words With Friends

Last night, we had some new friends over for dinner. They are new in town, having just moved from eastern PA, and their son just started preschool in The Boy’s class. The Boy is about three-ish weeks older than he is, so the two of them are the youngest in the class. This little guy is a super hero fan just like The Boy is, and he idolizes Batman just like The Boy does. So, The Boy finally had someone his own age with whom to play super heroes.

The most entertaining part of the evening, for me, was watching the boys (The Boy, his friend, and Little Bear) run off and start playing together upstairs. They were playing a loud version of hide and seek for a good chunk of the evening. None of them are very good at hiding; after about three seconds, they start calling out, “I’m over here! Look behind the curtain!” I did have to intervene once, but that was because Little Bear decided to test the water resistance of his rain boots in the bath tub.

As a parent, running water is generally a cue to hustle.

I do admit, it was weird actually sitting with the grownups and talking. That’s not something I normally do, just sit and talk with parents, without children being involved and present. It’s kind of weird, just sitting there and talking, and keeping an ear or an eye on the kids running around the house. I’ve never really been that kind of a parent before. It’s not that I don’t have friends with whom I chat; it’s just that I’m not used to them having children my age.

My barbershop friends, for instance, tend to have grandchildren that are my kids’ ages or older. Different set of conversations entirely.

Please don’t misunderstand: I still found myself under a pile of children at several different points of the evening. But, I did still enjoy watching my kids play with another child, playing random and silly games with rules that flex and break and change. “Calvinball,” indeed.

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