Monday, March 26, 2012

Eventful Sunday

So, yesterday was an interesting day.

The Wife had her Hebrew school teaching in the morning, and I had the three boys to myself (and grandparents) for the morning. We played around the house and watched a few cartoons after Mum left. At 10:30, there was supposed to be a pre-Passover thing in The Boy's preschool classroom at school. We figured we'd head there instead of the JCC; again, trying to be consistent with my theory of "If We're Going To Do Religion, Then We're Going To Make It A Part of Our Daily Lives." No problem. Ten o'clock rolled around, The Baby had been asleep for a half hour, and I handed the baby off to Grandpa while I began the procedure of chasing children around, putting their rear ends on a potty until it's used, then making sure they had pants, socks, and shoes on the correct body parts. That only took a half hour, including changing the baby and putting him into a new outfit, so we arrived at 10:40.

The classroom was empty. Sigh. Last time, we didn't know where the pre-Purim thing was, so we went home. This time, at least, it was Israel Day, which meant that there was cool stuff happening in other places of the temple. The coolest thing? There was an actual, real-life CAMEL in the backyard of the temple! They were doing camel rides! The first time we went outside to look at the camel, it scared the heck out of The Boy. Little Bear was interested in the camel, but probably more interested in the goings-on around it: the other children, The Wife who was there with a class of students, and his teachers. We went back inside and poked around the other stuff, which included chicken schwarma samples and spiced pita bread and Israeli candy.

Side note: why does candy from other countries suck so much? And, do they think the same things about our candy? I mean, in the Middle East, do they have candy bars like we know them? What do they think about our sweets and treats? But, I digress.

After we tooled around inside for a little while, we went back outside. The Boy overcame his fear, and he and I went on a camel ride. It was fun, although I don't think my behind would like being on a camel for an entire day's journey. The air conditioning isn't great, you know? And, you really, really don't want to see when you have to plug in the iPhone. I was quite proud of The Boy for overcoming his fear and trying something so new and so different!

We got home and had a snack, then threw the kids back in the car after The Wife got home and went to Carmine's birthday party. As per usual, it was a blast! His family really knows how to throw a party, for sure. It was a "Cars" themed party. The tables had black tablecloths with lane markings down the middle, like highways; the snacks had clever movie-themed names; they had "Ramon's House of Body Art," with temporary tattoos. The cake was a beautiful thing as well, made by a neighbor and looking like a garage. Carmine's family are all really, really neat people, and I love that my kids absolutely love him.

It's a slightly rougher crowd of kids than we're used to hanging around; there was a lot more tackling and impromptu games of "Kill the Guy With The Ball." I'm okay with that. Getting tackled by friendly people is a good character-builder. Plus, they think it's really funny.

The boys started turning into pumpkins around 2:15, and we were home around 2:30. It was resting time, although The Boy wanted to rest with Grandma instead of with me. That's fine, although I missed my snuggle buddy. My quartet came over at 4, so I was awake in enough time to do a little bit of warming up. The quartet left at 5:30, and The Wife left at 5:45 to go to dinner with Grandma, Grandpa, and some cousins, and that's when all hell broke loose.

Little Bear just did not have a good night. Five minutes after the adults left, while The Boy, The Baby and I were still eating, he climbed up on a shelf and knocked over a laundry basket full of hangers that we were returning to the cleaners. About 150 hangers exploded on the floor! There was no way to get them back in the basket without individually picking them up, so that was fifteen minutes. During that time, he retreated into the living room, a little scared and disappointed that I was irritated, and pooped his pants. It was not a clean one, which meant that we had to throw him in the tub. After the bath, the three boys and I went upstairs and played with the car tracks in The Boy's room. Little Bear decided to take a small folding Mickey chair and set it up on the bed. When I told him to take the chair off of the bed, he bounced the chair off of my head on the way down.

At that point, I put him in his room so that I could calm down a little bit. Five minutes later, I got him out of his room and back with us to play. I must say, The Boy and The Baby were doing a great job - playing with everybody, keeping Little Bear involved with track building and experimenting by letting Little Bear hold the cars and run them down the track. Little Bear was lying on the edge of the bed, and then suddenly, he was face down on the floor, screaming.

I calmed him down, stopped the bleeding (mostly), and examined the split-open chin. No big deal, but it wasn't a small cut and it was in an awkward place. I called The Wife, advised her of the situation, and she started on the way home. I called the doctor, emailed him a picture of the cut, and he sent us to the emergency room. The Wife came home, fed the baby, and threw Little Bear into the car. At the hospital, they "fast-tracked" him, numbed the area with some cream (we know all about that, don't we?), put in two stitches, and bandaged it up. They were home within three hours. Not too bad!

Little Bear is really quite a good patient. He understands far more than he should, as a two year old. I sat him down before he left and asked him, "Little Bear, we need to take you to the hospital to have a doctor look at your cut chin. It is probably going to hurt a little bit, and it's going to be scary. Do you want Mum or Daddy to take you?" He thought about it, looked at each one of us, and asked for Mum. No worries, there; Little Bear has always been hers. The only trick, from this point forwards, will be keeping a bandage on the wound and preventing him from picking the stitches out.

The interesting thing? He was angrier that Mum wouldn't let him wander around the emergency room floor than he was at being poked, prodded, and sewn back together. He's a tough kid with a huge stubborn streak.

So, that was our eventful Sunday afternoon. Certainly not boring, even though it was exhausting!

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