Friday, March 16, 2012


Last night, from upstairs, there was a solid thunk-sound of a body hitting the floor, following immediately by screaming. On my way upstairs, I heard The Baby (who had been sleeping in our bed) and Little Bear (in his room) both screaming. The Wife took The Baby, and I went in to get Little Bear. He had fallen out of bed (The Baby was just grumpy that he wasn't sleeping on someone at that moment) and was upset about it. I picked him up to give him hugs before a big gush of blood fell out of his mouth onto the floor.

Before The Boy got cancer, I remember how freaked out I used to get at the sight of bodily fluids. If The Boy cut himself, I kind of panicked a little bit. Not excessively so - I've been trained in First Aid and CPR for decades - but I wasn't as calm and collected as I've been. Not anymore. After needles at home, port accesses, several surgeries, an enema or three, ripped IV tubes spewing chemotherapy, and other horrifying things, a little bit of blood is not a big deal. Unfortunate, but not stress-worthy.

I got a washcloth, cleaned him up as best I could, and found a split lip that was roughly the size of the rest of his head. Side note: he's got a really tiny head and a little face. He's a big kid, particularly compared with other kids his age, but it's easy to forget that he's still a little, little boy. The Boy always had a huge noggin - takes after me, who has a hat size on the far end of bell curve - but not so much, Little Bear. But, I digress.

I checked out the split lip, and it wasn't actively bleeding at that point. The Wife got him some Tylenol, which calmed him down, and he was back asleep before I tucked him back into bed. Then, I went back downstairs and wrestled with my technology some more.

Earlier in the day, Little Bear and I went out to the Apple Store - my computer's OS crashed, and they did a hard reboot. I'm glad I keep everything double backed up! He was very good, particularly because they have all those wonderful toys there. He's a little bit too little to manipulate the mouse on the iMacs, but he was trying. He just doesn't have the fine motor control yet. He got a little squirrely while I was talking with the repairman, but while they were formatting the drive I took him next door to the coffee shop to get a drink and a brownie. That made everything better.

He really is a good boy, our Little Bear. He is quite affectionate, even though he doesn't like the sit-and-snuggle and sleep-and-snuggle that his brothers do. It's just different, and I can appreciate that. He likes saying, "I love you, Daddy!", which is always fine by me, and he's usually the first one to greet me when I get home from work. He listens, most of the time, even though he does have the disturbing tendency to drink his bathwater.

Yesterday afternoon, after the Apple Store, he snuck outside while I was taking out the garbage and played in the playhouse outside. We didn't notice it for about ten minutes, although we did spend 5 of those 10 minutes searching inside the house for him. Sigh. A bear of very little brain, indeed!

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