Thursday, March 15, 2012


In this kind of weather, there is nothing else to do except go outside and play. This has been an exceptionally mild winter, particularly for the Pittsburgh region, with only a couple of days with actual snow falling. That wasn't ideal, particularly since at least one son is old enough to spend some decent time sledding. We might get one more snow fall in the next couple of weeks, which would be really nice for the purposes of sledding. There's a couple of really awesome hills in some of the parks that I know they'll enjoy. Granted, Little Bear will likely only last for a couple of minutes outside - there's just not enough meat on those skinny little bones to keep him warm, regardless of the number of layers.

Yesterday, however, was in the 70's and bright and sunny. There was no way in heck that we could - or should - keep those boys inside. Little Bear had even gone shopping to Staples with Grandma and had chosen sidewalk chalk as a treat, so they had 15 different colors of chalk with which to play! The Boy drew a nice picture of a house, a sunny sky, and a leaf pile, which he labeled, "To Daddy Love The Boy." Little Bear carried around his four favorite colors but didn't feel the need to draw anything. The Baby sat in the swing for most of his outside time. I eventually had to leave to go to chorus rehearsal, but it was a marvelous time outside.

The Boy really, really wants to fly a kite. We have one that might do the job, but there haven't been any decent kite-flying days lately. To be honest, I've never actually had a successful kite flying in my life, but there is a first time for everything. Any suggestions from my friends?

I am looking forward to this summer. Our Give Kids The World pass does let us get into the amusements parks without paying admission, and I do have the flexibility to leave at 2PM. That lets me get home after naptime, which means a nice 3-6 time period at water slides or 4-8 time period at Kennywood. He might even be old enough to go on some other rides! I have a feeling that this might be the best summer that we've ever had, particularly if The Baby learns to walk quickly enough to be able to utilize Kiddyland at Kennywood.

Mandy usually comes Tuesday nights to babysit the kids while I'm at chorus and The Wife is at orchestra. She's coming today because she wasn't able to come yesterday, which means that we have an extra babysitter while The Wife is teaching lessons. I might go home then, steal Little Bear, and take him to the comic book store, playground, pizza... I think it would be fun. He doesn't get a lot of extra attention, and I do enjoy spending time with him.

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