Thursday, March 29, 2012

Party Day!

Today, my mother-in-law is hosting a gathering for a local political action group. There's a reasonably large number of people coming to the house, and an immense amount of food and cleaning has been done already. It's the first such gathering that she's had since we moved into the house, with the exceptions of Rosh Hoshanah right after we moved in and The Baby's bris. This is unusual for Grandma, who has made a habit of hosting gatherings at her home.

This has been a big sacrifice for her! When we moved in, she made the choice to be involved in the every-day aspects of helping raise 2 (then 3) little boys. This has meant that she's sacrificed some relationships with friends and acquaintances, and she hasn't spent as much time outside of our family as she would (I'm sure) prefer. That's a difficult sacrifice for me to understand: at this point in my life, I don't have much outside of my immediate family. Most or all of our friends are those that have similarly aged children or are involved with barbershop singing or are actual family members (and, Uncle B does count as family members - I speak with him more often than I do my actual brothers). Because of that, it's not a big deal for us to be immersed here.

Grandma? She's been through all that. She raised 4.5 children (#5 was picked up in high school, hence the ".5" - no diapers, you know? At least, no diapers that I want to know about) through toddlerhood, public school, college, and graduate school. She reclaimed her own life once her kids were old enough for more independence, and I do feel guilty that we impose on her as much as we do. Granted, she's got a wonderful relationship with all of our children - her relationship with The Boy is something that is very special and very precious, to be sure.

Still, it's nice to see her started to re-reclaim her social life back from our children's infancy. She's a social butterfly and loves getting involved with good social issues, and I'm certain that something good and important is going to come out of the meeting and dinner today. At the very least, we got some fresh baked and wonderful brownies.

To help out, I'm leaving work a little bit early today and working through my lunch. I'm going to finish any last-minute cleaning (there's some music of mine and some comic books that need to go upstairs), then I'm going to throw the two older boys into the car. We're going to go to the comic book store and pizza, and then I'm going to take them to My Little Outback, the play place, and let them run around for an hour or two until they close at 7. The Baby will stay home with Mom, but he's not a high-maintenance child. The party should be about the community group, not about my two active, older sons.

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