Tuesday, March 27, 2012


Monday was an eminently productive day.

I had a good day at work, but that's nothing new. I enjoy my job, and I'm surrounded by interesting people. It's nice to leave work with a smile on your face, you know? It's even nicer to walk into work with a smile on your face....

After work, the boys, Mum, and I went outside to play. We had a lot of fun, playing "Gonna Get You!" games and going on the swings. Little Bear is still very funny outside - every once in a while, after he tackles me, he says, "I want snuggles!" and lies down in the grass next to me and cuddles for a few seconds. He is happiest carrying around several different colors of chalk, either in his hands or in a bucket. He doesn't necessarily want to draw with them, he just likes having them. The Boy and I played super heroes and bad guys. I was the bad guy that kept kidnapping Plastic Man (an action figure). He would chase me down and rescue Plastic Man, carrying him back to the top of the swingset, where I'd kidnap him all over again. It was cute.

We had a very nice dinner, with all of us eating people food and Plastic Man eating - you guessed it - plastic food from the play kitchen. Makes sense, right? It was a simple dinner - sandwiches and chicken from Murray Ave Kosher - but everybody enjoyed it, and The Baby went to town on a handful of chicken. The boys went outside to play after dinner, and I had an insanely productive hour. I did our Pittsburgh taxes, renewed the registrations on our cars, balanced the checkbook (easy with Quicken and downloading of transactions from the banks' websites), and verified The Wife and the boys as being dependents / relations. After a little more playing, The Baby fell asleep on my lap, and The Wife bathed the older boys and put the middle one in bed. She made the lunches for the next day, and I handed the baby off to her and put The Boy to bed.

He read me two Elephant and Piggie books (again, including correct himself when he read a word wrong, such as telling the difference between "do not" and "don't"), we watched a motion comic book of The Hulk (this scared him a little bit), and we read another story before talking a little bit about our day. I love the gentle intimacy of bedtime. It's a nice flow for the end of my day.

After The Boy settled down in bed, I put away two weeks worth of laundry, did some dishes, took out the garbage and recycling, and spent some quality time snuggling with the baby before bed. Tuesday mornings are the only planned mornings of no exercise, because it's too much for me to run, go through a whole day of work, then chorus rehearsal. Tonight's a big night, with a coach coming in from the other end of Ohio to work with us.

Just for fun, here's a picture of The Boy trying to stick his toes up his nose.

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Johanna S said...

Sounds like a beautiful and productive evening. Love those days. Love the sweet stories about the boys - snuggling on the grass and a silly child putting his toe in his nose. Is it something about being 4?! My daughter was doing that last week! Blackmail material! :)