Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Scans, Joy

Yesterday's scans went quite well, by all accounts. The Boy was well-behaved and cooperative during all of his doctor visits, and The Baby was a big hit with the nurses. The Boy watched "Little Bear" on the iPod while he waited for his turn, as per usual. Side note: I will be interested to see where his interests develop as he gets older. Considering that we really only turn on the television when we're watching a show, I'm hoping he will soon be transitioning to carrying books around with him more often. Then again, it's more likely that he's reading books off of the iPad.

After the ultrasound, they left the hospital for a couple of hours and kept a normal Monday schedule. The Boy went back to the hospital, without his brothers, for the oncology and nephrology appointments. I had sent The Wife a text message to advise Dr. Graves about a new favorite game on my iPhone. His response: "Tell Musical Daddy that he still owes me several months of my life for getting me hooked on Plants Vs. Zombies." That's pretty funny.

Three weeks from now, it will be the second anniversary of Dr. Graves finding us in the lobby of the hospital, where The Boy and I were just enjoying a little carnival being presented by students from one of the local universities. "Go home," he told us. "You're done."

Wow. I'm actually kind of tearing up just thinking about it. All right, this is a little too maudlin. So, here's a picture of The Boy and Little Bear wrestling:

My wife said a very, very awesome thing to me last night: "You deal with the children with such joy." That's about as high a compliment as is possible, as far as I'm concerned. This is a very deliberate choice that I make, and it colors how I deal many situations. For instance, last night, Little Bear was in the middle of a reasonably major meltdown caused by no nap during the afternoon. Little Bear was standing at the top of the stairs in full-blown "scream at Mom" mode. She wanted him to go to the potty, and he did not want to go. So, I picked him up and cradled him, and said, "Okay, Little Bear, time to go potty!" I held him over the sink. "Is this the potty?" I held him over the chair in the bathroom. "Is this the potty?" By this point, he was laughing. I held him over the tub, "Is THIS the potty?" I held him over the toilet. "Is THIS the potty?" At this point, he had forgotten why he was mad, and he did his business, washed his hands, and ran out to play with something.

Of course the children know how to push our buttons. They're our kids, and they know us just as well as we know them. I'm not around them for 10 hours out of every day, minimum, which means that they have less opportunities to push my buttons. It's a lot easier for me than for my wife to reframe their actions into a positive and fun manner, because I don't have a full day's worth of baggage affecting the outcomes. On the weekends, when I'm around them for the full day, it's definitely easier for her to deal with the evening shenanigans.

On an entirely different note, The Baby's top front teeth just started to poke through, and the bottom teeth around the front ones are popping up. He's very drooly, as you'd expect. This morning, he was playing on our bed, and pulling aside a blanket revealed a small television remote control. His eyes grew wide, and he dropped the blanket and lunged for the remote.

Typical male.

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