Thursday, March 22, 2012


Monday night, The Wife made a valiant attempt to put The Baby in his crib to sleep. After the child screamed bloody murder for about fifteen or twnety minutes, I asked her to stop. We certainly want him to sleep on his own, but neither one of us is willing to sacrifice the intimacy that we've developed with him. Kudos to her, because she lasted a lot longer than I would have. THAT TONE of screaming is one that I can't resist and never have been able to resist.

It's a really difficult juggling act. The fact that The Baby will only sleep on a person, and will only be put to sleep by Mom or a bottle, is incredibly inconvenient and challenging. It limits the amount of "adult time" after the kids go to bed that The Wife or I can enjoy - not just things like playing snugglebunnies, but things like folding laundry, cleaning the house, washing dishes, and paying bills. We've finally gotten to a point with the older two that they are consistently in bed at a reasonable hour, and it would be nice to be able to reclaim a little bit of adult time.

I mean, I am certainly a proponent of a family bed. I'm used to waking up under a pile of little boys, and I would gleefully welcome Little Bear with us, if he would have it. (He wouldn't. He needs his sleepy space. I still do remember and love the night I spent with him a couple of months ago, when he was having bad dreams.) Our bed isn't really big enough for four people, but we find a way to make it work. When we get into our new house, we're going to get a king bed for that precise reason. I have been known, on a reasonably regular basis, to put The Boy to bed, stay in with him to snuggle for a little while, and wake up at 3AM realizing that I'm not in my own bed yet.

The Wife merely shakes her head at me when that happens. "You want to sleep in a twin bed with a 4 year old, go right ahead."

I've worked my way through "The No-Tears Sleep Solution," which almost but doesn't quite apply yet. As much as I hate to say it, it is going to take some work from me to get us through this. I'm going to have to start putting the little one to bed more often, so that he gets used to someone besides Mom putting him down. When he's sleeping, when he wakes, he will frequently go back to sleep on me, but the initial sleep period doesn't necessarily happen without Mom.

And, I'm not looking forward to tomorrow morning, when Mom leaves for work at 6AM or so. It's hard to keep the little thing asleep long enough to get done what I need to get done (namely, sleep).

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