Monday, March 12, 2012

Weekend Update

This weekend, The Wife had a performance at the religious services on Friday night, then again on Saturday morning, then an orchestra performance Saturday night, teaching Hebrew school Sunday morning, and a quartet (her side project - bass, two violins, and a French horn) performance Sunday night. Particularly considering what her schedule has been, this was an insanely busy weekend for her. To make matters more complicated, I was gone Friday from 4 until Saturday at 8:30PM, then again on Sunday from early until lunchtime, because my chorus had their annual retreat to work on contest things. Kudos and thanks go out to Grandma and Grandpa and to the babysitter, Andrew, who actually convinced The Baby to sleep in his crib Saturday evening.

It's a weird dynamic when one parent is gone during a time that they are normally present. It throws everybody off. From the conversations with my wife, the days while I'm at work actually go fairly smoothly: get them dressed and fed, get the older two to preschool, morning activity or errands, pick them up from preschool, naptime, playtime, Daddy is home. That's not to say it's easy; please don't misunderstand. It's routine, which provides a level of comfort for all of us. On the weekends, when they don't have school, being absent makes things considerably more difficult.

The Boy's behavior was kind of erratic for us. Granted, I mostly saw him at bedtime, when he is inconsistent at best, but that did not go particularly well either night. He threw some unpredictable tantrums, was not cooperative, did some running away, that sort of thing. On Saturday and Sunday nights, he stayed awake long past the time we finished stories and snuggling and talking. I'd like to blame the time change, except that he did the same thing before the time change. The good thing is, he doesn't misbehave or destroy things during that time; he sits and reads his books, or plays with toys, or does a puzzle, or makes trips to the potty. I kind of shrug my shoulders at this; if he's anything like me (and, poor kid, he seems to be quite a bit like me), then he will spend many a sleepless night curled up with a book, powering through his favorites.

Today is his appointment for ultrasounds, oncology, and nephrology (scans, cancer doctor, kidney doctor). I'm not particularly worried, but I'm terrified, you know? Every little thing turns into a big deal when you're recovering from cancer. Is a pee accident a symptom of kidney deterioration? Is a bellyache a new tumor? Is a headache a new symptom of spread? My wife the wizard managed to get the ultrasound appointment for 9:10 this morning, which means that she can drop Little Bear off at school, then take The Boy to his appointment in one fell swoop. In addition, he doesn't need to be NPO until the afternoon, which is always a bonus, although we might be at the stage where he can limit himself to complaining about it instead of bolting for the kitchen every chance he gets.

Should be an interesting day. I'll keep you informed.

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