Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Daily Update

Written last week, pre-Passover:

Little Bear is really starting to explore the use of language, putting words and thoughts and concepts together at interesting times. His latest thing is saying, "Daddy, something's wrong!", in order to get my attention and ask him what's wrong. He's took young to understand the whole "Boy Who Cried Worf!" story (you know, the one about the kid who kept claiming to see Klingons - that's a typo that turned out to be funny, so I kept it), so we just have to keep reminding him that he doesn't say that until he needs to say it. The other thing he's doing is started saying, "Oh, Daddy...." when I do something silly, just like we tend to do to him. It's quite cute. His sense of humor and his ability to tell a joke is quite advanced for his age. I'm fairly sure that he's going to be "the funny one" in the family.

We've stolen some Simpsons-ism for normal everyday family use. The latest one is the adoption of the word "Yoink!" when you swipe some food from a family member's plate. Last weekend, at my show, The Boy saw that Little Bear wasn't interested in his hot dog. In appropriate fashion, he reached over, called, "Yoink!", took the hot dog and ate it. It was really, really funny. Little Bear thought so, too, even if he was initially miffed that his brother swiped some of his dinner. Even as late as yesterday, Little Bear said, "The Boy yoinked my hot dog!" That's pretty good memory for a minor event.

The show last weekend did not go particularly well, children-wise. The boys enjoyed the food parts of it and were quite good during the dinner. During the performance part of things, they were not well-behaved. They ran around the room, made noise, talked, etc., eventually culminating in The Wife and I throwing them in the car about ten minutes into the show. I'm not too concerned about it - we understand that some days, your kids are Those Kids. Most of the time they aren't, so I'll take the concept of "regression to the mean" as being a net positive on this one. The best part of our parenting? We didn't get mad, we didn't yell, we didn't treat them harshly. We realized that the situation wasn't tenable and removed them from it.

Last night, we had a short quartet rehearsal with my harmony brigade guys. It was pretty good, all things considered - we sang 10 out of the 11 songs, and only 3 were absolute crash-and-burns. Some of it sounded quite good. The boys were floating around during the rehearsal, doing some listening, making some requests - like Little Bear, asking us to sing "Sweetheart" for him. The Boy asked for some hugs while we were working our last song, and he fell asleep on my shoulder midway through. It was very, very cute. There is something breathtakingly awesome about your baby boy (I know, he's not really a baby - but he'll always be my baby) asleep on your


It was also nice to find out that Tenor Guy's baby also sleeps with them. Hooray, hippy parents

Here's a picture of The Boy, who fell asleep next to me the other night. I got up, he stayed sleeping, and the pillow stayed on top of his head:

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